Pilot helps flight passengers experience Northern Lights charm

Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, is a majestic natural light phenomenon that can be viewed from parts of the northern hemisphere.

The Northern Lights, or aurora, is a must-watch experience. What if you can watch it from the confines of an aircraft while on a trip to Manchester from Iceland?

A pilot flying a passenger aircraft along the region recently noticed the Northern Lights and decided to give the passengers a different experience. So he made a 360-degree turn, offering the passengers an experience of a lifetime.

Social media went gaga over the pilot’s nice gesture, but the risks involved were also flagged by some quarters. The pilot’s move was risky for some as it involved tapping on extra gas, opening up the possibility of running out of fuel mid-air.

Pilot act keeps passengers excited

But the pictures put out by some enlightened passengers who were treated to the magnificence of the Northern Lights went viral, thanks to the Good Samaritan pilot, who, many users pointed out, could have ended up losing his job on a different day.

The issue did not end there. Passengers of another flight from Kuusamo to Helsinki had a similar experience, as they were treated to the delight of the Northern Lights.

Now, is this a trend, some wonder. Only time will tell.

What exactly are the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights or aurora borealis – the Roman Goddess of Dawn, is a majestic natural light phenomenon that can be viewed from parts of the northern hemisphere.

Electrically charged particles emanating from the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere triggering Northern Lights. When these particles from the Sun get in touch with Oxygen and Nitrogen 12 different colours of light are formed.

As per experts, the aurora borealis can be seen from regions located close to the North Pole including Ireland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Norway and Alaska. The phenomenon is usually reported between September and March. The Northern Lights can last from a few minutes to hours at a stretch.

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