Stars fast disappearing from naked eyes due to skyglow

Lighting up the night sky with artificial illumination is the aspect behind Skyglow

‘Skyglow’ is one of the components of light pollution, which is a side effect of industrial civilization. The Skyglow, is a sheet of light across the night sky in and around cities that can block stars from view.

Streetlights and floodlights normally light up the night sky, giving rise to Skyglow. It has been found that stars that are visible with naked eyes have diminished in number of late. Man-made illuminations have resulted in pushing up skyglow by at least 10 percent on an yearly basis, studies point out.

Skyglow a component of light pollution

The advent and growth of the LED revolution, and its application in the outdoor illuminated billboards have made light pollution increase. In fact, LED signboards and billboards have grown in number over the past years, making the sky brighter during the night. LED lighting comes at a cheaper cost, making its deployment common place.

Light pollution also disrupts the ecosystem and wildlife, as flora and fauna depend heavily on the daily cycle of light and dark rhythm of the planet. This is in fact a major aspect in the continuous life-sustaining behaviors, including reproduction, sustenance, and staying safe from attack of predators.

Night time illumination has been found as detrimental to many creatures as artificial light sources play bad on the normal 24-hour biological clock that controls day to day existence.

More room for improvement

A report has pointed out that scientists believe that reduction in skyglow can be made possible if its done in a more careful manner. As many as 130 ‘International Dark Sky Places’ has been identified by the International Dark-Skies Association which points out that exercising control on skyglow can be made possible through the sensible adjustment of artificial lighting has been adjusted to reduce skyglow. Developed countries have by and large made this possible.

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