Samantha Tauber was hailed as a revolutionary persona who stood out from the crowd

Passion Vista always strives to present the virtuous careers of the most influential personalities whose long list of accomplishments has been a stepping stone for the rest. This time also, Passion Vista has successfully showcased such individuals whose alacrity, amelioration, and affability will be remembered for years to come. The “Global Icons 2022” issue is one of the most noteworthy editions that features the profiles of their professional journeys, highlighting the challenges they faced and the perseverance and passion that led them to their current positions of prominence.

Who is the real Samantha Tauber? She is an award-winning Australian multi-media artist, music producer, entrepreneur, thought leader, storyteller, live performer, and Chief Metaverse Officer for her company, VNCCII. She also acts live as her futuristic Galactic Metaverse SuperHeroine avatar VNCCII on the global stage both digitally and physically. 

Samantha Tauber started off in the music industry as a singer-songwriter/live performer and later taught herself how to become a producer and multi-media content creator utilising both Ableton Live and Unreal Engine 5. “The biggest gift I’ve learnt from life is that you are always perpetually learning. This ‘growth hack’ mindset of experiential learning has driven my mission and vision for the VNCCII project,” she says. Being an auto-didact at the time of democratisation of technology led Sami to pioneer the multi-media creator path for the VNCCII project in the Metaverse and beyond.

The VNCCII story began in 2018 when Sami was energised by the prospects of the music industry converging with the gaming industry, and Hollywood for innovation in the Metaverse and beyond. She also loves strong female Superheroine characters in futuristic science fiction stories. To express her capabilities for multi-media storytelling, she created a virtual avatar character called VNCCII to spearhead all her creative work. VNCCII is a fictional futuristic galactic Super Sentient Superheroine character that is the lead protagonist for a science fiction Space A.I. Opera story that Sami has written. This IP is built for the Metaverse to create new stories via co-creation with the community and fans.

Her song ‘Level Up 2 Nirvana’ from her upcoming Metaverse album and science fiction novel, ‘VNCCII, The Soul Code, And The Battle Of The GALACTA.I.SSANCE’, released to a successful showcase with a Metaverse music video. In addition, she has created a vodcast show called ‘Future Humans’ where she communicates as VNCCII broadcasting live from Unreal Game Engine via motion capture. Some of the special guests and industry thought leaders featured on the show include Cathy Hackl (Godmother of the Metaverse), Amy Peck, David Hanson, Teddy Pahagbia, Hrish Lotlikar, Jamie Burke, Mike Pell, Spottie Wifi, and Krista Kim among others. A highlight Metaverse stage performance included her audio-visual live music stage show at Immerse Global Summit Europe in 2022.

Samantha’s journey has been a combination of hard work, talent, dedication, and intrinsic self-belief. Yet, it wasn’t without its share of challenges. “Some challenges that I’ve encountered so far for my business include carving out time to achieve all the tasks within the interdisciplinary priority decision matrix. As I’m crossing all the media formats such as novels, comics, music, live interactive entertainment, film, VR, AR, XR and gamified experiences, the challenge is in coordinating the overarching convergent strategy to have maximum efficiency and effectiveness,” she opines.

This love for the inner child and abundant creative infinity energy is what has always drawn Samantha to multi-dimensional characters in classic stories that undergo the hero’s journey, also known as ‘the monomyth’. These stages of the hero’s journey are also reflected in our own human avatar selves, which are vessels for our consciousness. We are all our own creative inspiration portals. To know more about Samantha, check or to nominate email, [email protected]

Leaving us with one such inspirational message, Samantha says, “My final words of wisdom would be to never give up on your dreams. See the world through the lens you choose. We all have a choice in life. A choice to be happy, to be free, and to fight for our dreams. It will never be easy, but setbacks are character building, and you can take comfort in the fact that this is part of the human experience. You are all the heroes of your own lives. Be the positive changemaker. Humanity needs us all right now to step into who we truly are. I challenge you to ‘be’!”

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