G Town Society Organizes Indian Excelsior Awards 2021 In Goa, India

The motive behind the award night was to recognize businesses that are working tirelessly to build themselves while contributing to our nation’s economy.

G-Town Society magazine recently organized a glitzy award night named Indian Excelsior Awards 2021 at Carol Queen Cruise, Panjim, Goa on 20th March 2021. The evening was graced by the Rock On!! Star, Prachi Desai to felicitate the honourable awardees.

The motive behind the award night was to recognize businesses that are working tirelessly to build themselves while contributing to our nation’s economy. Nishee Stephen, Chief Editor at G-Town Society said, ‘It is an honour to meet such relentless personalities and shed light on their work and contribution. It is quite inspiring to witness such determination and growth invested in all parts of the nation. The goal behind Indian Excelsior Awards is to celebrate the hard work and the success of people, together.’

G Town Society Organizes Indian Excelsior Awards 2021 In Goa - Digpu News

Science of Nutrition, Title Sponsor of the event, is a Fitness Supplement Brand founded by Mr Anil Kumar – a visionary of fitness in India. The event was partnered with other esteemed brands like Vatican Shona Agrotech, ATMT the powered by Sponsor, TDPI and Mogasun were the associate sponsors. Whereas other event partners are Fasderma – Gifting partner, Sariraa by Shipra Arora, Finaltouch by Sameeksha Make-up, Melba Photography – Photograph partner, Kanika Rana – Jewelry Partner and Chef Ghanshyam Rege – Food Partner.

The other Jury members along with Prachi Desai – celebrity guest were Rajesh Singh – Vatican Shona Agrotech, Deepankar Gharami – ATMT, Ranjeet Prasad-TDPI, Imran Khan –Fasderma, Bhawna Gupta, Anjoo Lata, Sriti Shaw Fashion Icon  and Reena Dhupia – Immigration Expert. 

The awardees are as follow:

  1. Dr Pushkar Sharma – Excelling Ayurvedic Physician of the year 2021
  2. Highway Hunts Pvt Ltd. – Excelling production house 2021
  3. Vikul Vallabhai Kothari – Excelling V4 Dance Academy 2021
  4. Akanksha Sharma – Excelling Spiritual coach 2021
  5. Neha Dhawan – India’s best dietician & Nutritionist 2021
  6. Ayshna Kaushik – Excelling healer 2021
  7. Rajesh Singh – Excelling Agroforestry business owner 2021
  8. Vijay Singh – Excelling Teacher 2021 
  9. Dr Shailendra Pratap Singh – Excelling oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 2021 
  10. Prof. Siddharth Gupta – Excelling Corona Warrior 2021
  11. Angelina Diana – Excelling author of India 2021
  12. Pratik Srivastava – Excelling online learning platform 2021
  13. Ravi Thakur – Excelling CEO 2021
  14. Samantha Studio – Excelling Interior and Architecture 2021
  15. Dr Lita Mohapatra – Excelling doctor and entrepreneur 2021
  16. Neelima Suraj Ramteka, Spandan Digital ads, Nagpur – Excelling women entrepreneur
  17. Kishor Vyas – Excelling real estate brand 2021
  18. Dr Kiran Prakash Zarkar – Best innovative teacher 2021
  19. Dr Dasharathraj Shetty – Educator, Social Entrepreneur, and storyteller
  20. Dr Balakrishna S. Maddodi – Environmentalist and social worker 2021
  21. Dr Parampreet Kaur Khullar – Remarkable physician 2021
  22. Aditya Food Product – Leading Indian brand 2021
  23. Zestever Tech – Iconic Brand Leader 2021
  24. Devangi Dalal – Woman entrepreneur and Budding author 2021
  25. Dr Twinkle Nanavati – Excelling Ayurveda Panchakarna on India
  26. Dr PS Desai – Excelling Pile Fistula Surgeon 2021
  27. Priyansha Rameshbhai Vana – Best social Activist and writer (female) 2021 
  28. Manjushri Sharma – Excelling Educational Guru 2021
  29. Lazy Gardener – Best innovative start-up 2021
  30. Chef Ghanshyam Rege, Ranchikud – Excelling Caterers 2021
  31. Ranjith Prasad – Excelling Educationist Entrepreneur 2021
  32. Marlin Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd – Best Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd
  33. Hai Dent – Best Dental clinic in India
  34. Hai Cure – Best Diabetes clinic Chain in India
  35. Melba Photography – Excelling Photographers in India 2021

The awardees were handpicked on the basis of their accomplishments and contributions. Each awardee has been an outstanding asset in their respective fields; hence, G-Town Society took this golden opportunity to felicitate and recognize them while celebrating their success with them. 

G-Town Society is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that organizes Miss India Quintessential, Mister India Quintessential, Awards of Excellence, and Indian Excelsior Awards annually. Their goal is to uplift women, men, and the business of India. The company is nationally recognised and responsible for organizing elite events. 

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