Everything changes for good with a positive mindset; Self-exploration is the starting point

Every single person on the globe is capable of doing something extraordinary. Everyone has a hidden talent, and “magic is believing in yourself,” as someone aptly put it.

Many conquerors, geniuses, politicians, great artists, and other notable people have actually existed in the past.

These people had a difficult upbringing, according to their biographies. They had to deal with a lot of issues and difficulties at first, but they eventually rose to prominence as great people.

Every person on the planet is capable of accomplishing something unique. Everyone has a secret gift, and as someone wisely put it, “Magic is believing in yourself.”

Exploring one’s talent is challenging

Exploring our talent, on the other hand, is a little more challenging. When it comes to Kashmir, people are unable to exhibit their abilities. There is a shortage of platforms. If someone eventually discovers his potential, they aren’t backed by anyone. As a result, talent is squandered.

As an example, for science students in Kashmir, there are just two options: Engineering or Medicine. The students are, therefore, forced to choose between the two options. Their unique abilities go unnoticed. Isn’t this ridiculous?

We must urge the system to build a platform for other talents and skills, such as sports, art, or any other ability.

Usually, limited options are forced upon individuals

While sharing his complex situation, Adnan, a young boy in Pulwama, said that he was complimented by one and all after he passed his Class 12th examination last year. However, he was surprised when everyone started asking as to when he was going to appear in NEET. “I felt like NEET was the only option left for me. It was a very scary feeling!” he says.

The youngster said that people didn’t think about him if he was interested in higher education or if he had any other skills. He states, “I was confident of becoming a doctor if people including my parents wanted me to perceive as one. However, I knew that I won’t become a competent doctor who will work hard and practice with devotion.”

Like Adnan, many young people aren’t able to meet their full potential, given their talent and capability. So, they are not able to do justice with themselves.

Talking to people and power of persuasion is the key

Everyone should talk to their parents and persuade them: this life is a chance to pursue something you are good at. Ask them to allow them time to develop the inborn skills.

The world is not limited to the Medical and Engineering fields alone. Allowing oneself to discover the actual potential is a worthy opportunity because when one does so, everyone will come to know who he/she actually is.

Money is only a subsidiary of talent

Every family should be able to understand their children. Allow children to showcase their abilities and they’ll live happily ever after.

Money, after all, isn’t everything. It is important to have inner peace. When there is a desire to work, an individual improves day by day, and money follows.

Finally, there are some very disadvantaged individuals in the world who have nothing except money. All great people, on the other hand, did not pursue wealth. They discovered their potential and set out to achieve greatness. We now refer to them as ‘successful people’.

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