India and Russia’s cooperation can herald a new Asian order

With interconnectivity between Central Asian republics and India via Afghanistan and Pakistan, Russia, India, and China may create a new Asian order.

The recent whirlwind visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin is significant because both Russia and India are in a same situation. On one hand, a war-like situation is prevalent in the eastern borders of Russia with Ukraine and India on the other hand is facing an increasingly hostile China on its northern borders.

Relations between the United States and India have never been so cordial and Russia and China relations are also at their best.

India and Russia can help each other

While all analysts have been talking about the S-400 deal and its ramifications due to the American sanctions, it is possible that Russian President may be seeking Indian help to cool its eastern borders with Ukraine where the situation is very tense.

In return, Russia could rein in China with which it enjoys excellent relations. This could calm the Indo-China border tensions.

Opening borders will herald prosperity

Today, India is going towards a multi-aligned relationship with both the super powers. It is the just opposite of Non-Aligned where India, as in the past, had maintained equidistance from both the super powers.

However, in this multi-polar world, no nation can remain aloof and must engage with even adversaries. Russia and India along with China can build a new Asian order with inter-connectivity between the Central Asian republics and India through Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Russia is the all-weather ally of India

Putin’s visit has not evoked any response from either China or the US. India has brushed off sanction threats by the US and went on with its S-400 deal with Russia. In all probability, India could get a reprieve from sanctions like in the past when it bought oil from Iran.

When it comes to high-end technology, Russia has always been a reliable partner. The QUAD, which included Australia, the US, India and Japan, is still relevant. However, when it comes to transfer of sensitive technology like Nuclear Submarines, India is left out and AUKUS comes into existence.

It must not be forgotten that Russia has helped India miniaturize its nuclear reactor to be fit in its Arihant-class submarine, a fact which was acknowledged by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Trade is the key for peace in the region

All these factors have pushed both India and Russia to come closer and together form a new Asian order. India and Russia along with China will have to clear the mess created by the American invasion and then hastily withdraw from Afghanistan.

The way for peace in the region can only be obtained by opening borders and allowing the trade to flourish between the nations. It will lead to economic prosperity in one of the most poverty ridden region of the globe.

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