Why AAP leader Raghav Chadha’s ridicule of the Congress isn’t fair

Chadha’s comment that ‘Congress has no future nor can it give a future to Indians’ needn’t be taken seriously

Looking towards revival, the grand old party has begun rolling out some serious moves to bring celebrity poll strategist Prashant Kishor into the party fold. Though there had been speculations of a similar kind earlier too, this time around the Congress party top brass are more than keen to have Kishor’s expertise in winning elections.

The party has even invited Prashant Kishor to join the outfit. A series of morale killing pol defeats behind them, party brass wants to win and continue with a victory spree in the upcoming elections. And for that the party needs a poll strategist of the calibre of Kishor.

It was as a follow up to such thoughts that Kishor made a detailed presentation to the Congress head honchos at a meeting chaired by Sonia Gandhi on Saturday. The content was focussed on how to go about making a winning strategy for the 2024 general elections.

Post-meeting, party leaders are hopeful that Kishor would be the man they should rely on and also that he would join the party.

On that note, the question arises over the current state of the Congress party and its ability to rise from the ashes. Does the party have the capability to put behind it all the defeats and gallop once again to be the most popular and loved party in the whole of India?

Raghav Chadha equates Congress with a dead horse

Though all party leaders believe that the Congress party has the potential to rejuvenate itself, a leader of a rival party has found the whole process and dreams as futile. And that leader who has just irked a hopeful Congress is the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) newly elected Rajya Sabha member and party spokesperson Raghav Chadha.

AAP is basking in the glory of its fascinating victory in Punjab, and Chadha believes that the Congress is already dead and gone. Media reports quoting the AAP spokesperson has said thus: “There is no point in flogging a dead horse. The Congress is a dead horse.” The comment comes soon after media outlets flashed the possibility of Prashant Kishor’s participation in the Congress meeting. Not stopping at that, Chadha also went on to say that the Congress has no future nor can it give a future to Indians, adding that “anything multiplied to zero is zero.”

For Chadha and his colleagues, it is only AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal who can counter the might of the BJP. Chadha went in to state that “Kejriwal has got what it takes to challenge the BJP at the national level.”

The AAP MP said that his party’s victory in the Punjab assembly polls has shown that Kejriwal’s model of governance and politics of work is “scalable”.

Congress will have to put its house in order

The AAP leader’s attack and ridicule of the Congress could come as unwanted comments by Sonia Gandhi and team as the party looks forward to forging a winning strategy for the days ahead. AAP is blazing ahead with its Punjab show, and it feels that only Kejriwal can take on the mighty BJP in the upcoming poll scene. But Chadha’s confidence calls for some introspection. A grand old outfit like the Congress with a huge regional spread is much more deserving than just ridicule by a young AAP.

The Congress party’s slant towards Prashant Kishor’s poll strategies needn’t be written off so soon. Taking on the BJP might needs a bigger presence and the Congress party has that in abundance. All it would need to do is to put the house in order ahead of the general elections of 2024.

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