5 Benefits of Prescription Wrap Around Sunglasses

Wrap around sunglasses are a distinctive style that provides a number of eye protection and vision benefits. If you need vision correction, the strength of your prescription can affect the ease with which you adapt to wearing wrap around prescription sunglasses. Find out more about the benefits of wrapped frames, which include an expanded peripheral field of vision, lateral protection from impact and ultraviolet light and a better fit.

1. A Wider Field of View

Wrapped frames expand your ability to see more angles of your visual field. Whereas square or rectangular frames primarily allow you to see straight ahead and in the near peripheral field, wrap around lenses include the mid peripheral zone and can include the far peripheral field when you turn your head. If you want to see your surroundings clearly without frames getting in the way, you may prefer to wear wrap around sunglasses.

2. More Lateral Impact Protection 

Safety-rated wrap around sunglasses provide an extended zone of impact protection compared to safety glasses that have lower base curves and sit flat on the face. Side shields can be worn with some square and rectangular frames to increase your level of lateral protection, but wrapped sunglasses lenses tend to have reinforced temples for maximum comfort and side impact protection. 

3. Less Light Enters Around Frames

The flatter the sunglass frames, the more light enters around the sides, top and bottom. Wearing prescription sunglasses that filter 100% of ultraviolet light, including UVA and UVB rays, increases your level of protection from ocular damage, but wrap around frames go even further. Frames with higher base curves reduce your exposure to glare from objects or reflective surfaces in the mid-to-far field of your vision.

4. Wrap Around Prescription Sunglasses Stay In Place

Wrap around sunglasses are more likely to stay in place during intense activity. In general, frame base curves of six or higher conform to the shape of the head more than less curved frames. This is why sports sunglasses often have wrapped designs in addition to features such as hydrophilic nosepads and temples that reduce slippage. Eyewear that stays put can provide optimal protection from UV light and other safety hazards, if your sunglasses are safety-rated.

5. Some Wrap-Around Frames Support High-RX Lenses

Improvements in lens materials and optical technology have made it easier to put high powered prescription lenses in a wider range of frame styles. Distortion can still pose a problem with very strong prescriptions in wrap around frames with high base curves. If the total prescription power in one or both of your eyes adds up to being outside the range of -6.00 and +4.00 or you need prism correction, consider a high RX style that has a lower base curve.

With a little preparation, you can select the right pair of wrap around prescription sunglasses. It is helpful to have precise measurements, which you can determine from the size of your current glasses or by measuring your face. Providing an accurate pupillary distance measurement can reduce visual distortion through prescription lenses in wrap around frames.

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