Steep rise in cases under POSCO act in Jabalpur

According to NCRB data, crime against women is on the rise in cases under the POSCO Act in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur.

The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister calls himself the Mama or Uncle of all the girls in Madhya Pradesh. A host of programs for Girls have been started. However, Madhya Pradesh tops the record in crime against girls and women. The National Crime Bureau records however paint a completely different picture. Crime against girls has seen a steep increase.

NCRB data reveals that there has been a 13% increase in rapes of underage girls in Jabalpur. In 2019, 103 cases of rape were registered while in 2020, it increased to 117. Most of the cases were registered under the POSCO Act and section 376 of the IPC. On paper, this figure may look small but it cannot be ignored. Every case stands out as one more instance where the childhood has been destroyed and the girl will have to endure the psychological scar all through her life.

Steep increase in cases registered under POSCO Act

As per the NCRB data, there has been a steep rise in cases registered under the POSCO Act. The Protection of Children from Sexual Crime Act was enacted after the Horrific Nirbhaya rape and murder case. The most vicious attacker was let off by the fact that he was a minor at the time of the crime. The POSCO Act tries to fill this lacuna and also makes stringent punishment for crimes against children.

There has been a 15% increase in cases registered under POSCO Act. In 2019, 192 cases were registered under the POSCO act while in 2020, the number increased to 222. Similarly, in the year 2019, 88 cases under Section 354 which pertains to sexual violence against underage girls were registered. This figure jumped to 108 in the year 2020.

One reason for this increase is the ebbing of social pressures. Today, parents are coming forward to register complaints about sexual violence against their children. However, the fact that crime against underage girls is happening on such a big scale is itself a cause of worry.

Samarth Sangini Project is creating awareness

The Police and local administration is also taking measures to create awareness among the public. The Samarth Sangini project is a project by the local police in close coordination with Anganwadi workers, social workers, NGO’s to educate the masses and create awareness. Police Officers contend that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the pace of the project. However, with schools and colleges opening the drive to create awareness among the students and the younger generation is gathering speed now.                                       

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