PM Modi gets a pat on the back from Congress leader Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor has termed Modi a man of tremendous vigour and dynamism, and credited him for leading BJP to victory in UP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has found an admirer from the rival Congress camp for leading from the front to hand the Bharatiya Janata Party a tremendous win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, true to his gentlemen tag, has termed Modi a man of “tremendous vigour and dynamism”, and has credited Narendra Modi for leading his team to victory in UP.

While talking to the media at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival, Tharoor stated that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man of tremendous vigour and dynamism and has done some things which are very impressive, especially politically. We did not expect him to win with such great margins but he did”.

Modi gets praise and criticism from Shashi Tharoor

However, he was critical of Modi too, as he added that the Prime Minister has “unleashed such forces in the society that are dividing our nation on communal and religious grounds, which according to me, is introducing a toxin that is unfortunate.”

The words of praise is just for Modi’s political leadership of the party, and not as a leader of the nation, it is clear. He also added that in Uttar Pradesh, the voters will one day surprise the BJP. But at the moment, the BJP has got what the people of the state have given it. Media reports have quoted him saying that the Indian voter has the capacity to surprise, and one day, they will also surprise the BJP. But right now they have given the BJP what they wanted.

SP could be a strong opposition this time

On political analysts describing the UP poll results as a foregone conclusion, Tharoor went on to say very few had predicted BJP’s victory until the exit polls came out. So that doesn’t make it a foregone conclusion.

It may be recalled that when the polls happened many had expected a close fight between the BJP and Samajwadi party. But then the results favoured the BJP. The general sentiment had been that BJP would not return to power. But with the Samajwadi Party seats having gone up, a better Opposition is to be foreseen.

Tharoor also credited Priyanka Gandhi with leading the Congress party from the front in UP. Saying that Priyanka was everywhere, Tharoor felt that she was doing a commendable job.

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