No second chance, Karnataka tells Muslim students who skipped exams

Karnataka denies another chance for students who skipped exams on account of Hijab row

The Hijab row in Karnataka is spilling over, after an interim order of the Karnataka High Court banning hijab and saffron shawls in colleges where uniform is prescribed. Many Muslim students, who had boycotted classes and exams across the state’s schools, have been left stranded following state Education Minister BC Nagesh stating that the government would not conduct re-exams for the absentees.

With the Education Minister reiterating that the state cannot re-organise board examinations, students who missed the exams owing to the row are now left high and dry. The Minister has been quoted saying that “whatever the reason for the student absenting himself or herself during the exams, this year would be no different. Whatever the order says, we will follow it. It might be for hijab issue or other reasons, we will not hold examinations again.”

No re-exams stance worry students

The students who had not attended the practical exams in the hope that the court order would be in their favour are a worried lot.  The state government is of the opinion that it cannot act against the court verdict, and it has to be followed. The state stance is that it will be able to accommodate students who had not attended examinations before the court verdict, but not those who had attended the exams after the ruling.

This comes a major blow for close to 400 Muslim girl students who had preferred to stay away from schools and colleges. Though organisations such as the Campus Front of India (CFI) are looking to challenge the High Court order in the Supreme Court, it remains to be seen how the fight would help the students who are not being offered the option of re-exams.

Close to 400 Muslim students affected

The organisations that are favouring the students feel that the government in power are against educating Muslim girls. The fight is being now taken to the apex court. However, the Muslim girl students who have found the door shut when it comes to the possibility of re-exams are left worrying.

Karnataka, on Monday, witnessed many students skipping college classes over the hijab issue. This is attributed to the situation where those wearing hijab were barred from entering the campuses.

The students not getting the option of re-exams could possibly be a topic of debate un the coming days.

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