Young startup, VrLocal, reaching new highs within a short time period

Young startup, VrLocal, reaching new highs within a short time period
VrLocal the corporate hygiene experts

This past year has been an eye-opener with the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions by the government. The need of sanitation and cleanliness around the house or public spaces was never such a critical concern before this pandemic. Even touching something has become questionable and the fear of containing the virus prevails. Cleanliness and hygiene have become the basic requirement for every household, organization, corporate, shops, malls, etc. 

Especially with the ongoing pandemic, it becomes very important to sanitize everything at regular intervals. A few companies providing on-demand services like sanitation and disinfection reached the limelight. One such company providing on-demand high-quality services is VrLocal. The company was founded in 2019 by Sai Abhishek Rayarao. The motive of staring this firm was to provide to the hygiene needs of the corporates and organizations. A major shortcoming in the industry was the limited supply and high demand for corporate on-demand service.

To overcome this, Abhishek decided to provide high quality on-demand services pan-India at affordable costs. “Our equal and fair focus on our end customer as well as our vendor/partner ecosystem sets us apart. If we ensure our partners are happy and satisfied, then we can be sure they will give the best quality service to our customers. This is the mantra we live by, and a gap in the approach we are trying to fill in the current market environment,” says Abhishek.

The success journey of vrLocal

With the attractive services packages, VrLocal has captured a sizeable chunk of the corporate sector as its clientele. In 2019, the company started off with merely three clients and today has 95+ clients. The growth graph of VrLocal is growing steeply each day and being a startup it is fast paced as well. A few blue-chip clients that include Blue Dart, ICICI, HDFC, Zolo, Mahindra Finance, Standard Chartered, Bank of Baroda, Hyundai, and many more have been acquired by the company as well.

The hygiene sector of India has tremendous scope of advancement. The founder, Sai Abhishek, feels that VrLocal will play a major role in India’s growth story in terms of hygiene. He says, “By 2022, we want to ensure that 50 percent of our services use robots for cleaning. For now, we are focusing on end-to-end solutions for corporates, but we plan to move full-fledged to the on-demand home services sector soon.”

Services and Packages provided by VrLocal

VrLocal is a service provider catering to all the hygiene needs of corporates. There are different types of services like disinfection, cleaning, pest control, corporate, painting, technology, AC servicing and many more. These services come in packages and each package has a set of fixed services included in them. Here are some of the services explained below:

  1. Corporate Services: Corporate services includes various services like full office deep cleaning, floor cleaning, plumbing services, carpet cleaning, sofa and chair cleaning, electrical services, AC services, carpentry services and few more. In short, almost all the services required for corporate cleaning are provided by VrLocal. It is a one stop shop for the corporate needs.
  2. Disinfection Services: VrLocal provides disinfection and fumigation services to offices, commercial spaces and homes as well. Disinfection has become the new normal at homes and offices with the ongoing pandemic. As per the guidelines, issued by the local health bodies and Municipal Corporation, timely fumigation of public spaces, offices and commercial establishments has become mandatory. VrLocal has trained staff who follow all the hygiene protocols to deliver safe and efficient services. Speaking of safety, they use high quality, certified and imported disinfectant ‘VIREX II 256” that is safe for humans and pets.
  3. Cleaning Services: The cleaning services include Full home deep cleaning, general cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning and bedroom cleaning. High quality cleaning agent ‘Taski’, which is an imported cleaning agent brand, is used by VrLocal. It is safe and certified. All types of stains on sofa, bedroom, bathroom, etc. are treated under this service.
  4. Technology Services: VrLocal also provides services related to technology like software development, web design, and mobile app development and more. They have a team to work on all the software related services. To provide the best service, the software team works with the clients at every stage.

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