For me, there is nothing greater than being a part of MX Takatak Fame House, says Rizwan Khan, Fame House Participant

MX TakaTak’s vision is to create success stories of fame, increased fandom and eventual fortune for its community of content creators

MX TakaTak has made me a part of a reality show, and for me there can be nothing greater than that,” Says Rizwan Khan, Fame House Participant

The thriving community of content creators on digital have won the hearts of millions of Indians with their easy to watch short format videos. At the forefront of innovation in this space, MX TakaTak’s vision is to create success stories of fame, increased fandom and eventual fortune for its community of content creators that is brought alive by the MX TakaTak Fame House.

7 Days, 1 House and India’s top influencers as inmates – this unique reality show, with all the elements for unadulterated entertainment, sees 18 influencers put under one roof to create, collab and chill. These 18 participants got a chance not only to collaborate and create engaging content, but also to grow their fanbase by millions and walk away even more famous because of this reality show that can be watched by MX Player’s large viewer base.

Rizwan Khan is a hobby actor with a huge fan-following on MX TakaTak – a short video platform, and we caught up with the rising star to find out what his experience has been like at the MX TakaTak Fame House.

Excerpts from the interview…

You forte is acting, how did you think of showcasing your talent on Social Media? What has the journey been like?

People think that a video I posted went viral and I became a star overnight, but it is not like that. It has been a long journey filled with struggle. I have harboured this dream of wanting to become a model or an actor since I was in the 8th standard. Everyone kept telling me that it needs a lot of support from others and you need good financial backing, but I wanted to prove everyone wrong by doing it on my own mettle.

I tried various platforms and have been @riz_xtar right from the beginning. I had to give it up in between because our financial condition was not very good, and I did odd jobs from selling tickets and popcorn at theatres to mascoting outside shops for mobile brands. I used to use the #joker because I believe, “Life to joker jaisi hi hai, dar dar thokar, dar dar mazak,” and soon started being called Joker. I used to make short videos and post in my spare time on social media. After I joined MX TakaTak right from the initial days, I have enjoyed a good following. So TakaTak has helped me scale new heights.     

Can you share your experience of being a part of the Fame House with us? 

It was outstanding. I had never thought I will ever be a part of a reality show! MX TakaTak has made me a part of a reality show, and for me there can be nothing greater than that. It actually sunk in the day after I reached Goa that I am a part of a reality show and motivated me. I decided right there that I will surely prove myself before I leave Fame House.

Did your followers increase after your stint at the Fame House? By how much did it grow?

My following rose from 1.1M to 2.7M on TakaTak in the  short span of time after Fame House.

Did you get endorsements post the show? If, yes, which brands have approached you?

Yes, not only after joining Fame House but even before that I was approached by an online shopping portal called Bulbul for shoes and branding. A lot of marketing firms have contacted me to sign me up and offers are still pouring in, but I have refused their offers as I don’t want to ever go into the employee mode again. There two types of people, those who enter movies and those who make their own movies, I want to be from that category. I want to write my own destiny.   

MX Takatak has taken the initiative to make a star out of you? What do you think about it? 

I thought it was a great initiative. They managed to get so many influencers under one roof. Whether good or bad, we got to know so many things about each other along with an opportunity to collaborate and create content.

Did you learn any new skills at the Fame House or do you think your original skills were enhanced? Did you get to learn anything new from anyone?

The world is such that people are nice to you on your face but behind your back they say bad things about you. So, I used to hang around more with the production unit and try and understand what they do and learn things from them rather than hanging out with the other influencers.

Any Fan /Follower moment post Fame House you would like to share?

I had told my fans that I am going to be a part of a reality show, but nobody believed me till it went live on the 18th. I go by the name of @riz_xtar and my fans have a hashtag for me – #xstarmy. They are crazy and you will see their comments and likes everywhere. I consider my fans to be like my family and share everything with them. In return I get a lot of love and adulation from them.

Did you make any friends /enemies at the Fame House?

I think I can be a better enemy than a friend, so I did make quite a few enemies out there. Actually, I don’t make friends that easily.  

What was your most memorable moment at the Fame House?

(Laughs) I will be remembered as the guy who instigated the girls to fight. A lot of things then unfolded behind the scenes that I would not like to share with anyone.

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