Russian actress Yulia Peresild pips Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise for space movie record

Russian actress Yulia Peresild will head for the International Space Station next week to start filming her flick; Tom Cruise may have to wait till later this year

If you thought Tom Cruise would be the first-ever actor to go to space, think again! Tom Cruise was, till a while ago, all geared to shoot a movie in space and was preparing himself to head for the International Space Station (ISS) later this year.

We now hear that Tom Cruise will be beaten in this space race by an actress from far off Russia. And her name is Yulia Peresild. The actress will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) next week to shoot her movie. This, incidentally, will make her flick the first ever to be shot in space.

The record that was waiting to be grabbed by Tom Cruise will now be Yulia Peresild’s.  

Space movie race brings memories of space race

Now, does that bring memories of a different sort by any chance? The US-Russia rivalry during the period of the Cold War is something everyone knows. With the US versus Russian race for a movie to be shot in space adding to the space race charm, there could be many who think that the silver screen competition would grow akin to the space race between Russia and the US.

It is being reported that Yulia Peresild and her crew will lift off on October 5. The vehicle would be the Soyuz MS-19 capsule.  Meanwhile, the Hollywood superstar is all set to fly on SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, owned by billionaire Elon Musk. Their destination, the International Space Station, is up there, 350 km from the earth’s atmosphere.

Shooting in zero gravity, a challenge

The Russian movie, according to a report that quoted its director Klim Shipenko, centres around a tale of an ordinary doctor who had nothing to do with space exploration. He, one day, is offered a space flight to the ISS so that his services could be used to save a cosmonaut’s life.

Though the whole episode of shooting a movie in space could sound exciting, it could hardly be so. Considering that the crew would have to crank their camera and get the footage shot in zero gravity is sure to be a tough task.

Actress Peresild is cool though she has her bit of concerns. She knows what she will be doing would be away from the Earth, but she is all ready to go for it. The shoot in outer space would mean that she would have to do her own make-up and costumes.

With Russia set to start the filmy race in outer space, the US is also ready. Let’s hope the competition would mean exciting times ahead, rather than those frightful years we saw during the Cold War and the space race era. Picture abhi baaki hai, doston!

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