Biocon Biologics partners with IDF to promote diabetes care

Biocon Biologics’ mission of enabling affordable access to insulins to people with diabetes worldwide

Biocon Biologics has partnered with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as the first biosimilar insulin company to promote and support IDF’s core mission initiative and activities.

The partnership coincides with the start of centenary celebrations of discovery of insulin and takes forward Biocon Biologics’ mission of enabling affordable access to insulins to people with diabetes worldwide. Having served more than two billion doses of human insulin so far, Biocon Biologics has been engaging with key stakeholders at various global forums to find ways to increase affordable access to insulin and ensure the therapy reaches those who need them the most.

“The partnership with IDF will further propel these efforts to realise the company’s aspiration of reaching ‘one in five’ insulin-dependent people with diabetes globally,” said Dr Alexander Zach, Global Head of Market Access and Policy at Biocon Biologics.

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IDF President Andrew Boulton said with close to half a billion people now living with diabetes, significant action to address the global impact of diabetes is a long overview.

“Driving the necessary action to move the dial on diabetes care will require the unity, commitment and determination of the global diabetes community,” he said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Biocon Biologics, a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd, leverages cutting-edge science, innovative tech platforms and advanced research & development capabilities to lower treatment costs while improving healthcare outcomes.

It has a platform of 28 biosimilar molecules across diabetes, oncology, immunology, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, rheumatology and inflammatory diseases.

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