Ensure safety or face penalties, electric 2-wheeler makers warned

Govt to impose penalty, recall orders on electric 2-wheeler firms for defective vehicles

A series of mishaps that involved electric scooters have become a matter of grave concern. Many an incident have been reported over the past two months, forcing the government to take a look at the scenario.

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, who has been apprised of the situation, has now stated that an expert panel to investigate the accidents would be set up. Further, imposition of heavy penalties and also recall of defective vehicles have been mooted.

The Union government is worried about the way electric two wheelers being involved in catching fire and related mishaps. The issue has turned much grave with loss of lives and injuries reported.

Electric 2-wheeler mishaps force govt action

It is in this context that the Transport Ministry decided to constitute an expert committee to probe into such incidents. The panel will also have as its mandate making recommendations on remedial steps so as no such incidents occur in future.

It was only by the beginning of the current month that an Ola e-scooter caught fire. The video of the mishap that showed the vehicle engulfed in flames, had gone viral online. The incident was scary and it sparked the need for remedial measures. A government probe was ordered soon after. Besides the Ola incident, a scooter from startup Pure EV also caught ablaze. And then, a burning Okinawa Autotech Pvt bike had resulted in the loss of two lives. Though all these companies have launched their probe, it remains to be seen what would come of it.

The expert committee constituted by the government will have its investigation and will submit its reports. Based on the reports submitted, the government is expected to issue the orders needed on the companies involved in these incidents. According to Gadkari’s tweets, the Ministry will soon issue quality-centric guidelines for electric vehicles.

Take proactive action or face penalties, companies told

The minister also issued a stern warning to companies, saying that if any of the EV makers are found as negligent in their processes, they will have pay heavy penalties. Also, the government will force these companies to recall all defective vehicles back to their stables.

It comes as a relief that the government has warned the companies to take proactive action, as safety of commuters should be seen as prime. Gadkari’s opinion is that the companies need to take advance action to recall all defective batches of vehicles with immediate effect.

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