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BMW showcases concept car that can change colour

BMW iX Flow is a new concept car that enables owners to change its colour at the click of a button.

The modern age, more often than not, rates people with the car they own. And BMW seems to know that better than anyone else.

After having rolled out a slew of luxury vehicles for the rich, the car maker is now looking at bringing in a brand new addition to its services that no other company has done before.

We are talking of a new concept that BMW has showcased. Christened BMW iX Flow, the new concept car enables its owners to change its colour at the click of a button. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

The new BMW innovative SUV concept comes inspired by the electric iX SUV, launched back in 2021. The car has embedded electrophoretic technology that has the capability to change colours from black to white. It also can help mix black and white to form an array of hues across its body.

BMW colour changing concept showcased

BMW has lined up its new concept as a car that can help expresses yourself not just from the inside but the outside. The technology was created in such a way the vehicle itself can do it when the owner wants it to.

To make this possible BMW has entered into an agreement with E-Ink, which has earlier offered services to companies like Sony and Amazon for their commercial displays and Kindle screens. The color-changing technology for BMW is being developed at the E-Ink stables.

The company in fact went about doing it by deploying the wrap technique that enables switching the car’s hues.

Car maker in pact with E-Ink

Comprising various colours, the wrap covers the entire surface of the car. When it combines with electrical signals, the colour change automatically happens.

The luxury car maker looks at digitalizing the experience, creating emotions out of it. BMW is still working on the technology, though a concept has been shown off. Whether the colour changing car would finally get into production mode is not yet known, but if it actually does, this is going to be revolution in the automotive technology arena.

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