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December 31st: New Year’s Eve – A Global Celebration

New Year’s Eve symbolizes in various things across the world. Some countries also have rituals and traditions that are followed on this day.

Did you know, the largest global celebrations take place today? Well, it sounds about right as December 31st marks the last day of the Gregorian Calendar. New Year’s Eve is celebrated in almost every country on 31st December each year. People count down to the New Year no matter the part of the world they are in. Even if the celebrations are not vast, everyone pays homage to the year gone by and awaits the new year as the clock ticks 12 at midnight on this day. In reality, do we even know why we end the year on 31st December and start a new year on 1st January? 

Significance and Celebrations

This day brings mixed feelings for people. It completely depends on the way people welcome the new year and leave behind the current year. Some people become nostalgic as they reflect upon the events of the past 12 months. There are various events across the globe. To welcome the new year, events are held at midnight in various places. There are special events at New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, any many more places. 

December 31st: New Year’s Eve - A Global Celebration - Digpu

A fireworks display can be seen in most countries and cities around the world. In India, there are several parties held at clubs. People celebrate by drinking wine or champagne along with their friends and family. There are people who also like to stay home and celebrate with their squad with nice food and drinks.

With the pandemic situation this year, it is suggested that people stay home and celebrate with their near and dear ones. Have a very Happy New Year and Stay Safe!

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