December 17th: Pensioners’ Day

Pensioners’ Day is a reminder of the services that our pensioners have rendered to the country and the public. 

Pensioners are very worthy assets to a country as they have the best resource which cannot be found anywhere else, i.e. experience. Their experience is their wealth. The upcoming and existing generations can tap into their resources for any worthy cause. To celebrate the Pensioners’ of India, each year 17th December is observed as Pensioners’ Day.

History of Pensioners’ Day

Since 1983, every year 17th December is observed as Pensioners’ Day. After the Indian Independence Struggle, the British Government introduced the Pension System in India. 17th December 1982, is an unforgettable day for the pensioners’. It was this day when the Supreme Court gave the pensioners’ dignity and purpose to their life. 

December 17th_ Pensioners’ Day - Digpu

On that day, Late Justice Y.V. Chandrachud, then Chief Justice – Supreme Court of India passed the judgment by saying the following lines: “Pension is neither a bounty, nor a matter of grace depending upon the sweet will of the employer, nor an ex-gratia payment. It is a payment for the past services rendered. It is a social welfare measure rendering socio-economic justice to those who in the heyday of their life ceaselessly toiled for the employer on an assurance that in their old age they would not be left in the lurch”.

Sadly, there is no World Pensioners’ Day to show respect and appreciation for the service rendered by these people. There must be a day designated for their long and dedicated service. What do you feel? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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