December 7th: Armed Forces Flag Day

Celebrations of Indian soldiers, airmen, and sailors who have fought to safeguard the country

The Indian Armed Forces include all the military forces of India, i.e. Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The Armed Forces are an important part of any country. They keep the country sound, safe, and secure. Each year on 7th December, the Armed Forces Flag Day is observed. It is also famously known as Flag Day. This day honours the soldiers, airmen, and sailors of India who have fought to safeguard the country. 

History of Armed Forces Flag Day

Since 1949, Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated each year on 7th December. The idea behind starting this day was to distribute small flags to people and in return collect donations. Military persons are an asset to any country as they have the responsibility of the civilian population of the country. The objective was to raise funds for the betterment of the armed forces of India.  Small flags and car flags of deep blue, red, and light blue colours are distributed across the country. These colours represent the three services in return for funds.

How to Contribute

You can contribute to the Armed Forces of India by contributing through online methods, cheque, or direct deposit in the bank. The online contributions can be done on the government website itself.

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