Food-courts to go virtual with food vending kiosks

A startup is facilitating virtual food-courts using food vending kiosks

Foodies will now get to place their choices from multiple restaurants on a single bill and get them picked up at designated locations in a hassle-free manner. This is being made possible by a trio of entrepreneurs from Kerala. As part of their efforts, a smart kiosk product called VendiGo, will be launched soon. VendiGo comes from Versicles Technologies, a fledgling startup that has been set up by Manoj Dethan, the founder-CEO; Aneesh Suhail, the founder-CTO; and Kiran Karunakaran, an investor with experience in the e-commerce sector.

 VendiGo is a virtual food court that allows customers to order from multiple restaurants in a single order with pick-up at their convenience. Thus, one can order soup, biryani, noodles, dessert, and even Italian takeout from different local restaurants without paying for them separately.

Food-vending takes a different route

A customer can make an order in the VendiGo portal and specify the pick-up time and location. The ordering system is integrated with the payment gateways and once payment is successful, customer will get an OTP with the kiosk box number for pick-up. By streamlining the last mile delivery and ensuring orders are processed in a unified platform, it also assures quality and customer satisfaction.

VendiGo, which hosts curated lists of top restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in the city, provides an omni-channel platform for restaurant industry with ordering, tracking and delivery to a pickup kiosk near the customer. It provides an e-commerce platform that can take the orders and have it delivered through these kiosks. Sometimes, these kiosks can also have a cloud kitchen associated with it, so chefs can go there, do the cooking and sell through the kiosk.

It is like a cloud kitchen set-up which helps restaurants to expand to a new virtual location and transform their digital customer experience. VendiGo takeout kiosk can be placed in restaurants or malls or any convenient location as desired by the restaurants, the entrepreneurs behind the startup pointed out.

VendiGo comes as a ‘Multi-Restaurant Ordering’ to-go experience, and has the potential to emerge as the future of food takeout and delivery segment. Further, it is also the only destination that allows foodies who love variety to order meals from more than ten restaurants, all on the same bill.

Thus, one can place a single order catering to different dietary preferences – from low sugar to pure vegan and health-conscious to comfort food. It can cater to palates of different foodies in a household.

Revolutionizing the restaurant industry

VendiGo is actually revolutionizing the restaurant industry by automating operations. The startup behind VendiGo looks to minimize costs and maximize profits by prioritizing seamless delivery. The mission is to enable people with passion for cooking to become an entrepreneur without an upfront investment.

Opening a typical quick service restaurant can cost easily 10 lakhs and then the restaurant owner can spend on marketing and software. VendiGo is a “Retail as Service” concept where we provide all the physical and digital infrastructure for a fee.

The founders of VendiGo said they have digital tools to increase the profitability of an existing restaurant. “VendiGo can be added to streamline take out operations in a busy restaurant and improve the customer experience for pick-ups by promoting a contactless kiosk delivery. Their marketing automation can help restaurants to engage with their customers through discounts, announcements and social media promotions,” they pointed out.

VendiGo provides customers with an option to savour the cuisines they may have not tried out. For instance, Five Star chefs cook for customers on demand for special events, thereby promoting their brand. “A lot of people have reservations going to a star restaurant and order the exotic food if they have not been exposed to it previously. Our idea is to democratize those experiences and also improving the approachability of those star restaurants,” they added.

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