Arvind Kejriwal promises free electricity if AAP wins Goa elections

“Arvind Kejriwal said every home would get up to 300 units of free energy every month,”

Arvind Kejriwal, the national convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister, stated on Wednesday that if his party wins the Goa Assembly elections, he will offer free electricity to the people. The 40-member Goa Legislative Assembly will be elected in February next year.

“Every home would get up to 300 units of free energy every month,” Kejriwal told reporters in Panaji.

“If people in Delhi can have free electricity, why can’t people in Goa get free electricity?” he continued.

Despite being a power surplus state, Goa experiences regular power outages, according to Kejriwal.

He went on to criticize MLAs who defected from the Congress and other parties to join the BJP following the Goa Assembly elections.

According to Kejriwal, people who should have been in opposition are now in power, while those who should have been in power are now in opposition.

“These MLAs who switched parties stated they were joining the BJP to work for the people. Did they do the work that they claimed to accomplish? People are now claiming that they switched sides due to financial incentives. People are angry because they believe they have been misled,” the Delhi chief minister said.

As per him, thousands of Goans have stated that they will not vote for either the BJP or the Congress in the next elections.

“Goa is looking for a change. People want politics to be free of corruption,” Kejriwal said.

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