‘Reject Zomato’ all over social media after customer denied refund for not speaking Hindi

In response to the customer’s tweet, Zomato called the occurrence “unacceptable.”

Zomato came under fire on Twitter when a customer said that a Zomato customer support representative informed him that he should know the Hindi language for being able to get support from customer care.

After the customer’s tweet went viral, the hashtag ‘Reject Zomato’ started trending on Twitter.

The incident was labelled ‘unacceptable’ by Zomato in response to the tweet.

Tamil Nadu customer stirs the debate

Vikash, a customer from Tamil Nadu, took to Twitter to say that he contacted Zomato customer care after noticing that one of his order’s items was missing.

The customer support representative told Vikash that his payment could not be returned since he ‘didn’t know Hindi.’ A snapshot of the discussion was also shared by Vikash.

“Hindi is our national language,” the executive answered as per Vikash.

Vikash reacted angrily to the incident, saying that if Zomato is available in Tamil Nadu, they should have recruited individuals who understand the language.

#RejectZomato trends on Twitter

With more than 7,000 likes and 3,500 retweets, Vikash’s tweet went viral and #RejectZomato began to trend on the microblogging site Twitter with more than 49k tweets so far.

Zomato responded by calling the incident “unacceptable” and requested Vikash’s contact information in order to resolve the matter.

Vikash, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the entire incident and demanded a ‘strong clarification’ and a ‘public apology’ from the customer support, who he said had accused him of lying and forced him to learn Hindi.

Vikash was apparently reached by phone by Zomato, which stated that his complaint had been handled.

Zomato issues public apology, terminates employee

Zomato has also issued a public apology for the incident, informing the customer that they have terminated the customer support agent.

Customer asks Zomato to train its employee instead of termination

However, the customer again took to Twitter and said that apart from the clarification regarding the issue, he requests it to reconsider recruiting back the employee rather than terminating him.

“I suggest to give them proper training instead,” he wrote in a tweet.

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