The viral trend of Jal Samadhi over declaring India a Hindu nation

‘Jal samadhi’ trend going viral on Gandhi’s birthday proves the imminent threat on his idea behind India

Today is Gandhi’s birth anniversary, and Twitter is overwhelmed with pictures from pan India celebrating the day with a cleanliness drive. Amidst this, the Jal Samadhi (killing oneself by immersing in the water) trend disburse the Gandhian view of Indian unity.

This is not the first time that Indians have witnessed cries for declaring India a Hindu nation. Earlier, the same man responsible for trending Jal Samadhi has threatened to immolate himself for similar demands.

Paramhans Acharya Maharaj to take ‘Jal samadhi’

The renowned seer, Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj has said that he will be taking ‘Jal samadhi’ today in Ayodhya’s Sarayu river if the centre does not declare India a Hindu nation. Following this, the police have kept him under house arrest. He is not allowed to step out for any reason.

After his house arrest, he has said that he had got water from the river and would dip his nose in it, a Twitter post revealed. The current update quotes him that he will give his life by immersing himself in the river after police release him from house arrest.

Earlier this week, he had issued an ultimatum to the Central government and sought to cancel the nationality of Muslims and Christianity.

A few months ago, he had lit a pyre talked about immolating himself on it for the same demand. The police prevented the uncomfortable situation by putting him under house arrest. Paramhans Acharya Maharaj also underwent a 15-day fast to death over the same issue. He broke his fast only after Amit Shah’s intervention and assurance.

The hilarious tweets

People are now tweeting about when he will translate his words into action. A user by the name of Salman Khan has posted that he must have said it by mistake while he waits for ‘Jal samadhi’

Chanchal Choudhury writes – “Maharaj Went underground!!! River Sarayu is waiting…”

A user with the Twitter handle @bhartiyakrish has written, “We all must remember that everything rotates around politics. Jal samadhi nautanki is not a standalone activity. There is a lot more into it. Have you all ever thought why it has to happen on Gandhi Jayanti?”

The irony of ‘Jal samadhi’

Mahatma Gandhi died propagating religious and inter-community unity in India. Ironically, ‘Jal samadhi’ trends in India on his birthday and people are just sarcastic about it. Even the police are trying to protect him through house arrest, according to a layman viewpoint.  

The media is trying to cover it with as much caution as possible. Did anyone even think that the humongous threat it poses to the youngsters who will shape India’s future? They might never know about the real idea behind India, instilled in the Indian Constitution — the idea that is known to only a few Indians – secularism.

Most importantly, if someone considers the half-revealed history of Gandhi’s death, then such people making claims to declare India as a Hindu nation should be put behind the bars. Who knows, they might kill our most democratic and secular PM in the name of the Hindu nation. Note: India has slipped quite a few places in the democracy index. Also, the country has witnessed a steady rise in caste-based crimes and violent religious outbursts in the last seven years.

Why Godse and not Paramhans Acharya Maharaj?

Nathuram Godse, a left-wing RSS man, was executed even after clemency appeals by Gandhi’s sons. His reason behind killing Gandhi was based on Hinduism and Hindutva. It drew a loose inspiration from Gandhi’s stance on Muslims and other religious minorities.

So, if Godse can be executed for killing a secular leader Gandhi, then why can’t Paramhans Acharya Maharaj at least be arrested for creating an avoidable emergency that might disturb the communal balance. More so, in Uttar Pradesh, as it is going to polls in 2022.

Also, Acharya is a repeated offender. He had earlier created a similar situation by saying that he would immolate himself and fast till death if the government does not fulfil his demands.  

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