Efforts on to make Ayurveda a recognized healthcare system around the globe

A campaign will focus on getting Ayurveda included within the regulatory ambit of all major countries.

In a bid to make Ayurveda a recognized healthcare system in over 100 countries across continents by 2025, the International Delegates’ Assembly (IDA) of the 9th World Ayurveda Congress will launch a global campaign with the support of all stakeholders.

The campaign will focus on getting Ayurveda included within the regulatory ambit of all major countries.  The core aim of WAC is to see that the entire humanity benefit from Ayurveda. The immediate goal is to make it an accepted system in at least in 100 countries in the next three years.

This requires changes in the regulatory protocols of many countries. We will be making an all-out effort to achieve this cherished goal with the support of all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Ayush,” A Jayakumar, Founder Trustee of World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF), said. According to him, the Union Government is expected to show the political determination to achieve this desired goal. “It is really encouraging that Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, declared at the IDA all support to the campaign,” he added.

Growing awareness about Ayurveda as a holistic wellness option

The IDA of World Ayurveda Congress will function as a permanent platform of all stakeholder for coordinating and networking to take forward the campaign. The latest edition of World Ayurveda Congress stood out on account of the large participation of international delegates. This shows the growing awareness about Ayurveda all over the world as a holistic wellness option, Jayakumar added.

Experts at the meet stated that Ayurveda needs to increasingly accommodate innovative designs to introduce modern tools that meet global quality standards so as to improve the treatment procedures under the ancient wellness system.

All the same, integrated medicine must not dilute the fundamentals of India’s time-tested practices that go for a holistic approach to the body and soul, they added.

Integrating innovative designs for better treatment

Ayurveda is open to novel ideas, thus enabling constant update of the tradition and its catering to contemporary requirements, a five-member panel reiterated during their presentations on ‘New Age Prospects’ at the four-day conclave in Panaji.

Experts also called for more design institutions for the benefit of its ancient wellness systems. The congress aimed at charting a roadmap towards globalisation of Ayurveda and harness its potential as a scientific and prevention-oriented healthcare system.

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