Dr Milan Krajnc  earned the title of being a remarkable global leader in the event

Unified Brainz celebrated the glorious careers of prominent leaders from around the globe, leading by example with resilience, diligence, and perseverance on the occasion of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2022. The launch showcased the first edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The World,” which was unveiled during its virtual event. This exquisite ceremony saw the presence of trailblazers from various industries who have scaled massive heights of success and have shared their passion journey.

Struggles lead one in two directions- total failure or full-blown success. Dr Milan Krajnc is from the latter category of people. A troubled childhood disrupted by alcohol and violence could break one’s spirit to fight for a normal life, leave alone a successful one. But Dr Milan fought back by escaping into sports and writing. Writing songs & short stories and coached track and field of 200m and 400m kept burning the passion of becoming a winner in life. The five times national champion is now a successful psychotherapist, a reality therapist from the Institute of Dr William Glasser, and a Transactional analyst from the Institute of transactional analysis.

Dr. Milan also holds a Doctorate in Management from the European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations and is an Honorary Doctor of Arts. He is also an Associate Professor for Public management, European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace established by the United Nations, and a Professor at the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School.

Even as a physics student in the Faculty of Education, he very quickly started teaching elementary and secondary physics, realizing that he was not going to teach that way all his life. So, he quit public service and initiated his business, optimizing work in various companies and helping to develop the information system. The comprehension that clear thinking and good communication benefit every organization, he studied psychotherapy.

Thinking broadly, owing to his interest in the field of astronomy and the tendency of not letting the lines of worry ruin things are Dr. Milan’s stand-out qualities. That doesn’t shadow the astounding reality that he is the writer of over four hundred books, a hobby that helps him purify his soul and balance life. Of course, playing sports regularly also helps him stay on top of his game.

Dr Milan Krajnc  earned the title of being a remarkable global leader in the event
Dr Milan Krajnc

Dr. Milan is the kind of person who follows what he feels without overthinking his decisions. “I help people free themselves from the past they are trapped in and bring their potential to life. So, they can say they are finally alive. Or else, I am a time seller. I help people live every moment for themselves,” he explains in this regard. He feels an incredible power within when he sees a problem arise because he enjoys and finds peace in providing solutions to people.

By developing as a scientist in the science of Dynamilogy, combining nature, economics, and psychology, Dr. Milan has found a splendid tool for managing companies and countries, which he calls the Dynamic Leadership Model. The nomination for the Nobel Prize in Economics 2021 says a lot about how important this methodology and his input is to the development of the new economy.

A winner of several awards and recognitions, Dr Milan thinks his most notable achievement today is being healthy, happy, and balanced. Nonetheless, the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences 2021 and Gusi Peace Prize nominations are his recent accomplishments. He is also the Knight of Malta l Federation of Autonomous Priories bestowed with the military title Captain and the Vessel Captain of the North Atlantic Admirality of Sahara Naval Forces, 2020. Additionally, he is a Member of the International Police Association, Hungary, Informative Protective Association, Serbia, and a Member of The Board of Advisors, World Leaders for Mental Health. Dr Milan altogether has also written 400 books till date. To know more about Dr Milan, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

“How ready are you to hear the truth about yourself? Because afterwards, there is no going back! Be like nature—everything is perfect as long as it lives,” the perspicacious man says, to motivate the readers. An inspiration, by all means, Dr Milan Krajnc has created, lost, and then gained a lot, only to become a global name!

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