Monika Halan’s ‘Baat Paise Ki’ is a must-read to grow money

Monika Halan is a consulting editor of ‘Mint’ and a member of its leadership team

Monika Halan’s new book ‘Baat Paise Ki: Mehnat ki Kamai se Karaye Mehnat’ is a must-read for all as it talks about various aspects of managing personal finance.

The author shows a way to attain financial security in the Indian context. It does not prescribe a way to get-rich-quick but presents a way on how one should ideally manage money through various stages of life. The Hindi translation of ‘Let’s Talk Money’ is divided into 17 chapters that offer guides on savings, investments, life and health insurance options, investments in mutual funds, retirement plans and assets like gold and property.

“We all worry about financial security, on where we should invest to get maximum profit. But the truth is that investment is not the only way to its solution. The need is for developing a system,” says the book’s first chapter.
We work very hard to earn money. However, no matter how much we earn, the concerns about future requirements remain. Rent, EMIs, medicare, vacations, children’s education. There is much to worry about.

Monika Halan's 'Baat Paise Ki' is a must-read to grow money

What will happen after we retire from the job? Life will be much sorted if we work carefully towards managing our savings, just like we have worked so hard to earn money. The book talks about such crucial issues.

Monika Halan is a consulting editor of ‘Mint’ and a member of its leadership team. She has also worked as editor of ‘Outlook Money.’ Besides, she has worked with Indian Express, Economic Times and Business Today. She lives in the national capital.

The book’s Hindi translation is done by Mridula Halan, who is a reputed writer and has earlier translated six books from English to Hindi and one book from Hindi to English.

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