Beatles guitarist George Harrison childhood home put up for auction

George Harrison rehearsed with Lennon and McCartney in this house even before the birth of The Beatles.

The Beatles guitarist George Harrison’s childhood home, located at 25 Upton Green in Speke, Liverpool, has been put up for auction. The iconic musician had lived in this house since 1949 after his family moved in when Harrison was just six years old.

The proposed auction of the house assumes significance due to the fact that this is the place that saw the ascend of Beatles as a band. Harrison had rehearsed with John Lennon and Paul McCartney at this house until the Harrison family moved out in 1962.

It was around these times that The Beatles was recognised across the world as an iconic band.

George Harrison lived with parents, siblings in this house

The Harrison family, before beginning to live in this house, had been staying in a small house in Arnold Grove, Wavertree. George Harrison, and his three elder siblings, had lived in this house along with parents Harold and Louise and the family’s pet cockerels here.

The house is now up for auction, according to auctioneer Paul Fairweather, who has been quoted by a BBC report. As per the auctioneer, the house, which comprises three bedrooms, comes at a fairly low price which is estimated between £160,000 and £200,000, it added.

While living at this house, George Harrison had attended the Dovedale Primary School. This is the same school where Beatles mate John Lennon also had been studying in. Funnily enough, the two of them had not known each other owing to their two-and-a-half-year age gap.

Iconic home, iconic band

Later on, when they came to know each other as teenagers, they got together with music being a common factor between them. They soon began to rehearse with Lennon’s small group called The Quarrymen at this home of George’s. Significantly, The Quarrymen had another musician named Paul McCartney, who later began another pillar in the Beatles band.

It was in 1960 that The Beatles came into existence, and the members were four with Ringo Starr too making his entry.  The rest, as everyone knows, is history.

The house had been immersed in music by the four of them, and The Beatles ever since. In other words, George Harrison’s childhood home had proved to be the rehearsal spot for The Beatles, and now it is on its way to being auctioned.

As per the auctioneer, the house still retains certain features such as the doors, outbuildings, bath and sink that date back to Harrison’s childhood. However, it is not that there haven’t been renovations, and the house put up for sale has been refreshed with certain modern features. Soon after The Beatles became a star band, Harrison had gifted his parents with a bungalow in Appleton.

Image: Omega Auctions
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