‘Money Heist Season 5’: ‘Jaldi Aao, Jaldi Aao’ sets the mood

Nucleya’s desi tribute to popular Money Heist song ‘Bella Ciao’ features Bollywood fans of the popular Spanish thriller

Composer Nucleya’s rendition of the popular Money Heist song, “Bella Ciao” is the exact match for the patent Bollywood comic style, mixed with extra humor. Featuring popular B-town celebs like Anil Kapoor, “Jaldi Aao, Jaldi Aao” music video has created a buzz on the internet.

Shot across India, the song has captured the buzz about Money Heist Session 5 among binge-watchers very well. From oldies to youngsters, everybody is screaming their excitement for the 5th September release.

Yes, Money Heist fans will have to wait for another six days to watch the first part of the fifth session. The makers have announced in a press release that the fifth session will release in two parts, each with five episodes. The second part will release on 3rd December.

“Jaldi Aao, Jaldi Aao” sets the mood for Money Heist Season 5

The music video was released on the YouTube Channel of Netflix India four days ago. The song is a comical blend of film stars, cricketers, and common men summarizing their emotions and love for the various characters of the show.

The song tries to portray the universal Indian love for the show with a ransom blend of Tamil and Telegu version of ‘Jaldi Aao’. Shruti Hassan effortlessly reminds viewers of Nairobi as she sings the Tamil lines on a stretcher bed, holding a flower in her lips.   

Even Anil Kapoor is dancing on the money bed in the video as Denver did during the first heist. Hardik Pandya features as one of the robbers, and Netflix girl Radhika Apte wishes death for Arturo. Composer Nucleya is also featured in the video as one of the masked robbers. The music video has clocked more than 7.5 million views in just four days

Money Heist Session 5 plot

The fifth session of the popular Spanish crime thriller will reveal whether The Professor-led gang will come out of the Bank of Spain alive. La Casa de Papel, as called in the Spanish language had hit our screens in 2019.  

According to MyLondon, the fifth series and the conclusion to the drama is said to be worth the wait as creator Pina states, “the war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.” The war begins in the fifth season, and The Gang should fight the onslaught of their enemies. The article quotes that none of the characters is safe from this plot, but quite a few have survived the cliffhanger at the end of the fourth series.

The crime drama tells us the biggest heist story from the perspective of Tokyo. In the final series, the viewers will witness the director revealing the fate of Tokyo, Denver, and other surviving members of The Gang as they spend more than 100 hours inside the bank.

Money Heist Session 5 trailer and cast

The trailer has already grabbed the eyeballs of its fans across the globe. The immersive trailer sets the scene with the trampling of the iconic Dali masks and a warning of “no going back”. 


Netizens have followed all the activities in the sets to satisfy their ever-hungry appetite for the show. With the trampling of a Dali mask and a warning of “no going back”, the trailer sets the mood. 

Apart from the usual cast, the semi-finale session will feature Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado.

The Twitter Trumpet For Money Heist Session 5

Money Heist Session 5 paparazzi has not even spared Twitter. From Anil Kapoor to Radhika Apte everybody is excited about the semi finale session.

Anil Kapoor wrote, “#MoneyHeist Season 5. Need it now, need it now, need it now now now.”

Meanwhile, Radhika Apte shared that she is singing outside and screaming inside.

Rana Daggubati, who also featured in the song humming the Telegu lines shared his excitement on Twitter. He wrote, “Where’s the nail-biting & sweating profusely emoji when you need it?? #MoneyHeist Season 5 #JaldiRaa raa raa.”

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