Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu to have digital libraries soon

Digital libraries expected to benefit around two lakh Arts and Science students

With tech enabling of Arts and Science college campuses being seen as an imperative measure, the Tamil Nadu administration is all set to establish digital libraries in these educational institutions.

The government take on this new move is believed to have come about owing to the realisation that there has been a steep decline in visits to conventional libraries. It has been found that access to information and content is preferred by students when they are offered online.

Students have been found as hesitant to walk into brick-and-mortar libraries and spend time there in their bid to access information and read content.

Two lakh students likely to benefit

The new digitalisation move is expected to be beneficial to around two lakh students currently enrolled with close to 150 government-run and government-aided Arts and Science colleges in the State.

The government is believed to have directed the Directorate of Collegiate Education in Tamil Nadu to begin digitalising all the libraries.

Besides this, the Directorate of Collegiate Education has also been asked to initiate steps to interconnect all these colleges. This is with the aim of allowing students to be able to access all information available.

As an initial move, the state government has kicked off functioning of digital libraries in 17 colleges. News reports added that as many as 10 more libraries will soon be set up in various regions of the state, including the capital city of Chennai. This phase of work is estimated to cost around Rs 1 crore.

Digital libraries to come up in a few months

As many as 150 Arts and Science colleges in Tamil Nadu will see their libraries being digitalised in a few months’ time. Digital libraries are seen by students as time saving, as they would not have to visit traditional libraries.

The digitalisation move will ensure that content search with keywords or titles would help students who seek information at the click of a mouse.

The Arts and Science colleges will also make arrangements to make digital libraries interactive, so that students accessing information can clear doubts online.

It is expected that the government will also look to enter into proactive deals with digital publishers, so that the digital libraries will be able to get access to the latest editions and magazines.

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