The Sharad Purnima: Significance of Kojagiri Purnima

It is believed that the Sharad Purnima moon showers Amrit or the elixir of life towards Earth.

The Sharad Purnima is a full moon night in Sharad (Autumn) season. It is believed that the Sharad Purnima moon showers Amrit or the elixir of life towards Earth. The moon is in its full power and this day is also known as Kojagiri Purnima.

It has cultural as well as the scientific significance and is celebrated in many ways in different cultures.

Cultural Significance Of Kojagiri Poornima

As per Hindu culture, Mata Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fulfilment visits her devotees on Earth and blesses them with wealth and fortunes. Kojagiri means ‘who is awake’ and the Hindus believe it is beneficial for them to be awake all night, praying to the Goddess, singing, chanting and dancing.

The Sharad Purnima Significance of Kojagiri Purnima - Digpu News

Different Indian states have different meanings attached to the Kojagiri Purnima and Sharad Purnima. Some people celebrate the night by offering food to Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Some people celebrate the Sharad Purnima by celebrating the eldest daughters at home. Some others celebrate by playing dandiya all night and dancing to the tunes of joy.

Sharad Purnima is also called Kumar Purnima or Kartikeya Purnima in some parts of India. It is believed that unmarried girls should pray to the sun and moon for a handsome life partner. They refer to Kumar Kartikey, the eldest son of Mahadev (Shiva, the creator of the universe) and Maa Parvati. He was known to be the most handsome and brave warrior.

Scientific Significance Of Sharad Purnima

Most rituals in the Hindu culture are rooted in logic and go far beyond the concept of modern science. Sometimes, a lack of records and written communication over the generations might make the rituals lose their essence.

Scientifically, the Moon and the Earth are closest among all other days in the year on Sharad Purnima. The moonlight is said to have healing properties on this night. It is therefore that keeping eatables and offering in the moonlight today, have healing properties.

Devotees keep eatables especially water and kheer in the moonlight to be consumed tomorrow as prasad.

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