Thatware Pioneers Advanced SEO With AI-powered Digital Marketing

West Bengal, November 7, 2019 —

With the world dwelling into one big community with each passing day, every company aims to grab attention and customers from it. Reports suggest that the use of Artificial Intelligence is making search engines smarter in ranking websites over the web. Thus, competitive digital marketing strategies coupled with innovative AI and Machine Learning can level up the results across all businesses. 

Thatware, led by Tuhin Banik and his team of thorough professionals are spearheading the AI-driven Digital Marketing across the globe. Understanding the diverse needs of clients across diverse business segments has been a crucial aspect of their approach. 

Speaking about Thatware, Tuhin Banik, says “I founded Thatware with an aim to accelerate the growth of sales funnels for my clients. We create customised digital marketing strategies for every project with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. We have a full-stack team of data scientists, AI experts, Natural Processing Experts (NLP) to provide the perfect blend of AI and Digital Marketing in our solutions.”

Being the world’s first AI-based digital marketing company comes with a lot of responsibilities towards the Digital Marketing industry in general. Thatware has kept up the pace by constantly unlearning and relearning towards perfection. Thatware has published licensed whitepapers and research materials available on its website at Whitepaper On AI-Based SEO.  To know more, visit

On asking about the Future Prospects, Tuhin says,” Serving over 400+ clients across the world successfully, Thatware is keen on establishing India as an AI superpower. The company aims to create more jobs, employ Indian youth and enhance their skill sets. We are here to deliver solutions as well as create efficient solution-providers for the future.”

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