MAD & CO Redefining India’s Bubble Tea and Franchising Experience

Although investors are ready to invest in the company to the tune of USD 5 million to start with, MAD & CO has chosen to be on its own.

Innovation has always been at the heart of entrepreneurship. This becomes more relevant in today’s highly competitive start-up-oriented market. If your business idea is not innovative enough, it will see the sun, set on it in the blink of an eye. In November 2019, Abhishek MADugula and Shruti Dontula, an America returned Indian couple, saw potential in a very niche but ever-developing, Bubble Tea market of India. They started their venture MAD & CO out of their love for the beverage but more for the sake of bringing in some much-needed innovation as to how franchising is done in India.

In less than two years of market time that MAD & CO has had since the start of its journey, they have not only been able to catch the pulse of the market in terms of its customers but also in terms of people who want a piece of the company in the form of franchise. MAD & CO spoils its customers for choice as dairy, low fat, non-dairy, vegan, and to the sweetness levels in terms of offerings and product range, the options are truly endless. This is coupled with a dynamic menu and affordable pricing to ensure that the desires of Indian Bubble Tea lovers are kept satiated efficiently.

However, opposed to most of the start-ups in the country who start raking in profits as soon as they go into the phase of handing out franchises, to keep the impeccable brand image that Mr MADugula and Mrs Dontula have built with their hard work, MAD & CO brought innovation to franchising in the country. Unlike their competitors who take a signing amount while handing out their brand name and then forget about how business is carried on at the outlet, MAD & CO came up with Operational Intelligence which integrates technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud-based Point of Sale, Predictive Analytics, Crowd Analytics, IoT, Dynamic Menu, at various levels to seamlessly run the business without a lot of manual intervention.

The company’s Operational Intelligence includes:

  • Constant schooling for all the staff or employees throughout the lifespan of the franchise to make sure the brand consistency in terms of product quality and customer service is maintained.
  • Followed Lean SKU management, raw material is catered in such a way to keep wastage at Zero while still capable of serving the drinks in 90 sec.
  • Since Staffing and Hiring play a crucial role for any business, HR support would be provided to the Franchises.
  • Monthly sales report analysis to analyse the sales data and increase the performance of outlets by introducing new products, improving customer service, replacing dead stock and all this is taken care of.
  • Conduct Store audits and provide ranking and certifications based on the observations
  • Sending out mystery customers at regular intervals to learn feedback from actual experience of customers.
  • Provide a regular analytical reporting of the outlet performance to the Franchise Owner to improve the business.

Even though the company is in its days of infancy in terms of the market, but such has been the success of the brand as well as their franchise model that the name MAD & CO is often touted to be one the best, if not the very best, franchise model in the country. This naturally meant that as soon as they started garnering attention in the business circuits of the country, investors started lining up at their door. But, the hard work and care that Mr Abhishek MADugula and Mrs Shruti Dontula have put behind MAD & CO, has kept them hooked to being a lone sailor.

Although investors are ready to invest in the company to the tune of USD 5 million to start with, MAD & CO has chosen to be on its own.

With innovation and brand image at its heart and a dynamic product range, the morning sun appears to be smiling at the company. All in all, MAD & CO is buckled in for a long ride.

The company is looking for like-minded (read MAD) people. Interested in partnership, drop a line at [email protected]

Visit  and follow them on Instagram: @madndco and Facebook: MAD & CO

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