Self-driving race cars make history; CES venue sees autonomous cars zip along race track

A race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at CES showcased amazing capabilities of self-driving cars

It’s the age of the self-driving cars. Or in other words, it would be right to say that self-driving cars have come of age. And they just demonstrated their prowess at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The event, that happened as part of the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may be seen as a major landmark in the autonomous vehicle terrain.

A race that saw teams of students from around the world pitted against each other for a race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, was indeed a showcasing of out-of-the-world capabilities in the autonomous cars arena.

Self-driving cars charm CES

Audiences were left mesmerised when self-driving race cars accelerated along an oval track at the CES. The high-speed match between self-driving vehicles proved to be a fascinating event as they vied with each other without the support of humans at the wheel, and raced to set leads and stay in the race.

When the race got over, the organizers believed that there wasn’t just a winner. They, in fact, adjudged every autonomous car that participated as winners, as the capabilities of each car were held aloft by the self-driving algorithms that proved that they could handle the high-speed competition, said a report.

Technology ready as autonomous cars dazzle

Significant is the fact that self-driving race cars had arrived at the CES venue in Las Vegas to vie with each other. That itself meant that the technology was global.

This high-speed race also assumes significance owing to the fact that self-driving F1 cars racing together had to be halted as recently as October as organisers Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) thought the segment would need more time to gearup and establish the needed technology if the F1 challenge was to happen.

The cars that raced without human support were armed with electronic sensors, which played the role of the driver. The driver’s seat was a bed of electronics that heled the cars to race along the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The report also said that the software that drove the cars were programmed by the students.

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