Sanjeev Verma on turning inner strength into a piece of Art

A weekend artist, as Photographer Sanjeev Verma calls himself, creates magic with his photography. He shares his journey as an artist.

Turning inner strength into a piece of art is itself a very unique process. Sanjeev Verma talks about art as a gift for life by sharing the journey of his inner artist and his insights on his love for art and photography. Mr Verma also talks about art as a means for several things like searching a meaning, balancing the mind, a midlife crisis or spin-off of a pandemic.

As nowadays we are seeing an eruption of artists in every square inch of this planet. People have discovered their hidden chefs, poets, painters, photographers and film makers, the moment this universe locked us down and asked us to look inside. Every one of us is getting in touch with our inner creative genius and This is a great news for humanity.

Finding our inner artist is a great news and it needs celebration. But sometimes, that celebration takes the centerstage and the inner artist fades in the background.

If we have to ask for our friends’ validation and attention, then it’s a sign that our art has not spoken yet. That does not mean that our art is fake or our artist lacks in quality. No, that is not true. Our inner creative genius is as good as the one living in the hearts of a Leonardo Da Vinci or a Celine Dion.

A weekend artist, as Photographer Sanjeev Verma calls himself, creates magic with his photography. The love for art and photography is genuinely visible in his work. Sanjeev Verma talks about his art and uniqueness as to how do we know if our inner genius is in charge of our art or not. And how do we put that artist in charge, if it is not already? The answer lies in our communication with the artwork we are undertaking.

In an exclusive conversation, Sanjeev Verma shares his journey as an artist.

1.What made you pick this art project? and why?

If the true answer is anything other than how this will touch our own life, then we know that our artist is not in charge.

Most of my photography projects are about giving a new meaning to an old emotion or story. I pick themes based in history, mythology or fantasy. Then my work is about bringing a new meaning to the feeling that the character expresses in the scene that I photograph.

2.What boundaries are you looking to break?

We all have boundaries. Some were handed down to us by our families and society and some we made for ourselves. That inner artist is always looking to break one boundary or another. If our art is still conforming to our safe definition of acceptability, then we haven’t put that artist in the driver’s seat yet.

Defining a person by their social role is a boundary I like to break in my projects. An evil person is born evil, a prostitute is dangerous to a society, a muse to a painter is just a beautiful slave. All these are social constructs that I like to break in my photography projects.

3. When do you say Its finished’?

This is one of the most empowering question I have encountered in my journey as an artist. It has helped me define who I am as an artist and what my uniqueness is. How much work do you need to put before you say stop its finished? I have spent hours on a shoot working on details and sat in front of my screen for hours editing colors of a photo. For me, the finishing point in my photos is when the feeling expressed by the character is of “this world” but the environment in the photo is of the “other world”. The moment I reach that stage, I say Stop. I don’t like to refine it further. But that’s just me.

4. What audience are you chasing?

This question has a business connotation as well as an artistic one. Knowing the audience who will receive is great for the business and artistic success. I make my photographs for people who are looking to get in touch with their hidden feelings and liberate them. I imagine my audience to stand in front of a canvas print of my photograph and recognize those feelings from their own lives.

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