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Romanian government ousted with a vote of no-confidence after 9-month term

The political unrest in the country comes as the Eastern European country grapples with the economic implications of the pandemic.

A no-confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday brought down the Romanian government of Prime Minister Florin Citu.

National Liberal Party’s coalition fell up when the Union to Save Romania (USR) party withdrew its ministers from the cabinet over funding issues.

In the end, 281 deputies and senators voted to depose Citu, who will continue to serve as caretaker prime minister until a new prime minister earns parliament’s confidence.

An early election is improbable since parliament would have to reject President Klaus Werner Iohannis’s two consecutive prime ministerial proposals within 60 days, and coalition parties have stated that, given the present economic problems, they are committed to forming a government as soon as possible.

Last week the main opposition party filed for a vote of no-confidence

Citu’s coalition fell apart last month when the centrist USR, a relatively new party, withdrew their ministers over a local development spending plan and judiciary reforms, robbing him of his parliamentary majority.

USR then submitted a motion of no-confidence in Citu, stating that it would not return to the government unless Citu was removed.

The government was formed less than a year ago

President Klaus Iohannis had selected former banker Florin Citu as a contender to lead the administration last year.

Romania‘s parliament had then confirmed a new liberal government and prime minister Florin Citu on December 23, 2020 while keeping a left-leaning populist party out of power after winning the most votes in a legislative election.

The political crisis comes as the country continues to battle the pandemic 

According to Reuters, the country’s political turmoil comes as the Eastern European nation grapples with the pandemic’s economic consequences.

Romania has a poor percentage of Coronavirus vaccination and is currently dealing with a fresh wave of illnesses, the worst in the country’s history.

The hospitals are overburdened. All non-emergency procedures and admissions have been halted, and the government has requested the EU’s help.

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