Vegas Casino Sues NHL Professional

Las Vegas, 7 Nov 2019: Evander Kane gambled a lot of money in Las Vegas and one of the casinos in Las Vegas demands 500,000 dollars from the NHL professional. Gambling debts are honorary debts. But not for Evander Kane.

The Canadian ice hockey professional Evander Kane is facing legal trouble due to gambling debts. A casino in Las Vegas has sued the San Jose Sharks wingman. Kane is said to have gambled away in several casinos between 20,000 and 100,000 dollars in “The Cosmopolitan” around the 15th April but never paid them. According to information from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the casino is claiming a total of 500,000 dollars back. At that time, the Sharks made a guest appearance in the player’s metropolis to compete against the Vegas Golden Knights in the first playoff round. Kane signed a $49 million seven-year contract in San Jose last year.

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Vegas Casino Sues NHL Professional Evander Kane
Canadian Ice Hockey Professional Evander Kane

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