Unified Brainz Group – Get the Recognition You Deserve

Unified Brainz Group specializes into the area of personal branding solutions which gives you best visibility

Today when the world is growing through the dark and gloomy phase dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic after effects & when the world economy has taken the backseat the biggest challenge in front of any business owner is to deal with this situation & to make a fast correction to see that how they can makeup to this and create their brand grow for the sustainable growth in the coming 2021.

The challenge is not to get the sales or numbers achieved since they are directly proportionate to the brand perceived value the greater problem is that we usually don’t emphasis on the value proposition which branding can do, and not just the branding it’s all about the personal branding which matters the most. What matters the most is, what people talk about you when you are not in the room and that’s what personal branding is all about.

Unified Brainz Group - Get the Recognition You Deserve

Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited is a Global Management Consulting group which is working on this mission of educating startup, entrepreneurs, business leaders & change-makers across the globe in virtually all the sectors

Don’t be the rat in the rat race when you can be the tiger!

One Common mistake which we forget is that just like we need branding & marketing for our company in the similar way we need personal branding since people know us and it’s all about the one who is the brand owner, we at Unified Brainz Group specializes into the area of personal branding solutions being offered under one roof where we teach you to optimize your branding budget in a way which gives you best visibility and makes you get that recognition which you deserve. When you do something creative it’s also important to showcase it to the world & get that visibility, we get your story curated in such a way that it will not just be heard but will be taken seriously since it’s very important how to showcase.

Unified Brainz Group has always been instrumental in thinking out of the box projects just to name a few we are the pioneers to introduce India’s First Speaking Coffee Table Book based on augment reality (AR) where once you scan any part of the book it will take you to the video link where you can listen & see instead of reading through a special mobile application featuring the selected few entrepreneurs & business leaders across Gujarat who have not just done well in their business but has also contributed back to society to showcase their life journey & passion story in the form a book titled Who’s Who of the Industry – Gujarat which was then replicated for the state of Rajasthan & now we are doing similar projects in 2021 for other Indian States, this was recorded as a world record in the “World Book of Records London”.

During Lockdown period where the biggest challenge was to keep the business running and to engage with our clients and make them feel that we haven’t left them out in these hard times and we can still think & plan something extraordinary; Dr. GD Singh, Founder & President of the group came up with the beautiful idea of electronic coffee table book, we completed two special Collectors’ Edition of electronic – coffee table books featuring the lockdown stories of brand owners & their strategies during the times of corona virus pandemic packaged in a one pager beautifully curated & edited stories titled – Knock Down the Lock Down – Lets Fight Back” & “ Unmasking the Masked Economy” which was again selected by the world book of records London as our second record which we made with them this year in 2020 as the world’s first dark mode interactive electronic coffee table book.

Apart from the regular media & publication business we at Unified Brainz group are specialized into branding & marketing solutions weather it’s your digital branding or creating a buzz we tailor the package according to your need. During 2019 we concluded Passion Vistas Magazine 1st anniversary with a global event in Los Angles, Hollywood, USA with a gala dinner & awards function on the Saturday 21st Dec 2019 followed by a luxury event on a private chartered Yacht on the 22nd of Dec 2019. The Events which we curate are not just fun filled & full of entertainment but also has presence of diplomats, celebrities & business leaders where global networking helps them to create a better brand. We cater to a very niche clientele segmented from luxury, lifestyle & business and have presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, UK & UAE. As a group we are always inclined towards building a better world and hence we are a strong supporter of United Nations Global Goals so all our projects which we do are dedicated towards building awareness for UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Few of our projects lineups till December 2020 are Men’s Leaders to Look Upto, The Most Admired Global Indians; The Global Icons which are all part of our 2nd Anniversary Collector’s Edition to be published under our Global Luxury, Lifestyle & Business Magazine – Passion Vista.

Just don’t expect the world to change, be the reason for the change!

To know more about Unified Brainz group and the active projects check www.ubgroup.asia or you can email us your needs on [email protected] To know more about our Luxury, Lifestyle & Business Magazine Check www.passionvista.com

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