Revolutionizing Advertising: Global Media Kit Debuts AI-Powered Human Avatars, Setting a New Standard in Omnichannel Media Buying”

  1. Global Media Kit is heralded as one of the most promising Ad Tech platforms in the world for Omnichannel media buying.
  2. The platform unveils groundbreaking Generative AI-based Human Avatars to revolutionize media planning and buying.
  3. Accolades from World Out of Home Organization and WAN-IFRA confirm its global leadership and innovative approach.
  4. Committed to democratizing global advertising, the platform’s newest offering promises unparalleled user engagement and efficiency.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advertising technology, Global Media Kit sets itself apart as one of the world’s most promising Ad Tech platforms specializing in Omnichannel media buying. With operations spanning across India, UAE, and Africa, this pioneering Ad Tech startup introduces its Generative AI-based Human Avatars for media planning and buying today, aiming to transform the industry comprehensively.

Unmatched Innovation in Omnichannel Media Planning and Buying

“The versatility of Generative AI makes it an invaluable asset in modern advertising,” says Prathish Cherian, CEO of Global Media Kit. “We are talking about an AI capability that not only provides dynamic advertising recommendations but also engages in real-time media buying decisions. We’re not just keeping up with the industry; we’re setting new standards and leading global innovation in media planning.”

Human Avatars: The Future of User Engagement

“Our industry is a cocktail of numbers, art, and human emotions,” explains Cherian. “Our Human Avatars offer a hyper-personalized, emotionally rich layer to real-time interactions with global advertising opportunities, in all media types from Newspapers, Broadcast, Digital,Out of Home, Airport Advertising and more.

P-Bot: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Global Media Buying

P-Bot, Global Media Kit’s Human Avatar Assistant, is specifically designed to navigate the complex global landscape of media buying. “Whether it’s dealing with diverse languages or adapting to different time zones, P-Bot represents a significant step towards solving persistent challenges in the industry,” states Cherian.

Awards and Recognitions: Validating the Vision

Global Media Kit has received accolades that deserve special mention. Selected by the World Out of Home Organization as one of the World’s Top 3 tech innovations in Omnichannel Media Buying for 2023 and highlighted by WAN-IFRA as a top pick in their 2023 ‘New Technology Directory’, the platform is gathering international acclaim. “These awards are a testament to our vision, ingenuity, and hard work. They reinforce our status as one of the most promising Ad Tech platforms globally,” emphasizes Cherian.

Democratizing Global Advertising: From Confusion to Clarity

“In a complex landscape, our mission is to make things simpler,” asserts Cherian. “With our tagline, ‘Now Everyone Can Advertise,’ we aim to make global advertising accessible and efficient for everyone.”

A Collaborative Journey: Building on Multi-country, Multi-market Intelligence

The company has built its robust platform with unique AI capabilities through years of meticulous research and collaboration with over 2000+ media experts across 100+ countries. “This extensive collaborative effort has allowed us to develop a platform that is deeply rooted in multi-country, multi-market intelligence,” adds Cherian.

The Road Ahead: More Milestones to Come

“While the launch of Human Avatars is a milestone, it’s only the beginning,” Cherian points out. “Our broader roadmap includes incorporating more data providers, developing intelligent algorithms, and expanding our range of services in global advertising.”

Founded in 2020, Global Media Kit began its journey as a humble bootstrapped startup in Kerala, India. It has since expanded its operations to the UAE and Kenya and is eyeing markets in the U.S. and Singapore.

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