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Restolex sees growing sales in commercial mattresses

Restolex has emerged as a market leader in retail and institutional mattress sales

New Delhi:

India is currently home to the world second largest population, this may translate to India being home to the world second largest mattress population. Mattresses are seen as a necessity, a product often taken for granted as they’re ever present in our lives. Be it in a home or a hotel, the technology that goes into the construction of a mattress is critical. Experience is important as mattress construction varies a lot depending on the desired usage. In India the mattress market consists of two major segments, retail and institutional mattress sales. The institutional or B2B segment consists of approximately 20% of the market according to a study conducted by Mordor Intelligence in 2018. The B2B segment is a tough as it’s not easy providing  mattresses that are used by multiple people while promising comfort and durability. Restolex, an Indian mattress brand, has emerged as a market leader in the institutional mattress segment due to their lengthy experience in mattress production and understanding consumer requirements.

Founded in 1981, Restolex uses their decades of experience to create quality mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories. The brand has sold over one million mattresses according to their sales data and great portion of this has been to hotels, resorts, hostels and other B2B partners. Quality, comfort, durability and competitive prices are what’s important in this segment. 

Mr. Daveed Kuruvilla,  Director and Key Innovator of Restolex, says “Over the course of decades we have built a strong base in the B2B segment. If you have stayed in popular 5 star hotels, resorts or lodges in India, chances are you have slept on our mattresses. To be successful in this segment you need to have great experience in mattress manufacturing. The occupant of a hotel room changes with every check in, but the mattress in the room is always the same. Making a mattress that suits all types of people is not easy. We also have to look after the requirements of the hotel management with warranties to promise durability.”

This is when the construction of mattresses becomes important, in order to make mattresses that work for different types of people they raw materials must be used well. “We at Restolex we have decades of experience in mattress manufacturing. Over time we have identified optimal specifications to create luxurious long-lasting mattresses; every raw material plays a part in this. The right diameter for steel wires in springs, ideal densities of foams, shapes and sizes of quilts, multi zone pressure absorption technologies, Restolex has mastered it all.” Daveed further says.

“Durability, environmental impact, cost, comfort and warranty are some of the basic factors that we consider while manufacturing our mattresses. We’ve had a visible impact on the market as more and more companies are now following our quality assurance policies.” Daveed adds. “It’s this philosophy that has brought us success in the institutional market. We have our mattresses all over India, our partners include leading hotel chains, big hospitals, international airports, multinational companies and military bases to name a few. We also supply mattresses to clients bases out of Europe, Asia and North America.”

It is worthwhile to mention that Restolex has won several Government awards for export of high-quality sleep products. Among other awards, it received ‘Export Performance Award’ from Coir Board.

Restolex Coir Products Private Limited is also one of the few companies with an ISO certification from TUV Rheinland, Germany and is a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), USA.

For more information on the multiple sleep solutions offered by the brand, one can visit their website

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