Omicron scare prompts Kerala to add strength to eSanjeevani services

Kerala spruces up eSanjeevani services to ensure quality health services without patients having to visit hospitals

With the Omicron scare hovering, the Kerala health department is busy setting up measures to effectively quell its rapid spread. The Omicron count has been adding up every passing day, and it is now close to 30 as per the state government figures.

With such a situation in hand, Kerala’s Health Minister Veena George has directed the strengthening of the eSanjeevani services in a bid to ensure quality health services without visiting hospitals. According to the minister, eSanjeevani is being spruced up in a big way. Further, eSanjeevani services will be made available via 47 specialty OPs too.

The services of an added number of expert doctors have been made available, taking into account the new situation. A total of 5800 doctors currently man the eSanjeevani services in the state.

Besides this, Omicron services have also been made available at the Covid OPs that operate round the clock across all hospitals. The minister said that those with symptoms of COVID-19 and those who are under quarantine and self-monitoring can avail of this service.

eSanjeevani services spruced up

Pointing out that when a person is diagnosed with the Omicron variant, chances are that the disease would rapidly spread to others and their families, she urged hospital staff to strictly follow guidelines, and called upon the general public to make wearing N95 masks a habit.

Newly-weds and those seeking further treatment can seek treatment through the eSanjeevani portal. In addition to regular OP, the services of specialty doctors would be ensured every day.

Urging palliative care staff who provide doorstep services, hospital nursing staff and other to utilize the eSanjeevani services, the minister also called upon the general public to avoid travelling to district hospitals and medical colleges.

Patients who visit primary health centres, family health centres and NCD clinics can avail the services of specialist doctors at these centres itself without having to go to district hospitals and medical colleges for specialist treatment, the minister pointed out.

Stressing that free treatment can be sought through e-Sanjeevani at any convenient time, the minister added that prescriptions received through eSanjeevani system can be shown at the nearest government hospital so that medicines and tests will be made available free-of-cost.

Call to tone down X’mas, New Year fete

The Omicron scare has prompted the government to call for a toning down of Christmas – New Year celebrations so that social distancing norms are properly adhered to. Currently close to 30 people, who had arrived from the UK, Tanzania, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria and a few more have tested positive for Omicron.

Though the numbers look subdued at the moment, the chances of a rapid spread could throw up an emergency situation. It is in this context that the government is going all out to ring in caution and control the possibility of a spread.

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