Tesla’s next could be a robotaxi; 3 new vehicles likely next year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the company will build a vehicle designed to be a robotaxi

Look what Elon Musk’s Tesla is up to! After a series of path breaking innovations, Tesla is now on road to building a robotaxi.  Tesla is the largest EV maker in the US and the world at the moment.

Going by what the Tesla CEO told fans on the occasion of the opening of a factory in Texas, the new-gen company will manufacture a vehicle that can be dedicatedly used as a robotaxi. As many as three new vehicles are being planned to be built next year.

Though not many details have been revealed on what kind of a vehicle would be the proposed robotaxi, Musk stopped short of giving people the details. The only aspect about the upcoming vehicle that was revealed was that it would have futuristic looks.

However, looking back, it needs to be seen that Tesla and Musk have missed targets many a time when it comes to making new vehicles. It was in year 2019 that Musk had announced that a fleet of autonomous robotaxis would be on the road the very next year, that is in 2020. However, we hear the company’s full self-driving software is still being tested.

Tesla Cybertruck pick up to be made at Texas plant

Besides the robotaxi plan, the company is also set to kick off the manufacture of the Cybertruck pickup at the new factory in Austin, Texas. This will happen next year, said a report. Post-Cybertruck pickup, Tesla will start making the new Roadster and an electric semi, the report quoted Elon Musk as saying.

Elon Musk’s new billion-dollar factory that has come up at Texas assumes much significance owing to the fact that it is the company’s new headquarters after it exited California. The factory has built the new Tesla Model Y small SUVs, which are ready for delivery.

The new plant is capable of building half a million SUVs on an annual basis. The Austin, Texas plant is expected to employ up to 10,000 workers.

Tesla robot in 2023

The plant at Texas is also being lined up for scaling up, along with building a new factory in Germany. Scheduled for this year, these two activities this year are being seen as strengthening Tesla’s presence in the US and Europe.

Musk also has plans to make a robot by year 2023. This will be just one among the many new products that will come up in the coming years, Musk reportedly told fans at the party.

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