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IS-K associated with Taliban and Haqqani network, claims Amrullah Saleh

Saleh further blasted the Taliban for denying ties to the Islamic State terror group (ISIS), equating the Taliban’s denial to Pakistan’s denial of the Quetta Shura.

NEW DELHI Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s self-declared ‘caretaker’ president, said on Friday that the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (IS-K) has ties to the Taliban and the Haqqani network, particularly those operating in Kabul.

Saleh also slammed the Taliban for rejecting ties to the Islamic State terror group (ISIS), comparing it to Pakistan’s denial of the Quetta Shura.

Evidence reveals Taliban’s ties with IS-K: Amrulla Salaeh

Every piece of evidence we have reveals that IS-K cells have ties to the Taliban and Haqqani network, particularly those in Kabul, as per Saleh. He tweeted that Taliban’s denial of ISIS ties is comparable to Pakistan’s denial of the Quetta Shura.

Saleh says Pakistan is establishing ‘terror factories’

Saleh had previously accused Pakistan of establishing terrorist factories and agencies that supply explosives materials to the Taliban in order to foment turmoil in Afghanistan, and referred to Quetta Shura as nothing more than a cover for the Pakistani military to carry out their goals.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul attack

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack near Afghanistan’s Kabul airport on Thursday.

The group claimed the explosives killed and injured 160 people in a message posted on its Amaq News Agency, which also contains a photo of a man it claims was a suicide bomber.

Varied estimates of death toll

According to The New York Times, Afghan health officials provided varied estimates of the death toll at Kabul’s international airport, ranging from at least 30 to more than 60, and from 120 to 140, while a Taliban spokesman listed at least 13 civilians killed and 60 wounded.

The first explosion occurred near the Baron Hotel, while the second occurred near the Abbey Gate in Kabul airport.

US also blames IS-K for the deadly attack

The United States has grounds to think the leaders of the Islamic State-Khorasan terror group are behind the Kabul airport strikes, according to US President Joe Biden.

After being liberated from jails after the Taliban control of Afghanistan, the Islamic State-Khorasan has plotted complicated assaults against US personnel and others in Afghanistan, according to Biden.

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