China makes big strides in gender equality; first update in 25 years

The China government will take all steps necessary to do away with all kinds of discrimination against women.

Gender equality is turning out to be a norm across the world, and this needs to be seen as welcome step by nations as they are realising the potential of women in almost all spaces. No less than their male counterparts, women in various walks of life have been exceptional in whatever they do.

Latest news coming in from China points to the changes being ushered in the Asian Communist nation in the gender arena. China has reportedly revamped its decades-old women’s law to improve gender equality.

Significantly, this move comes only a few days after the Communist Party of China excluded women from its elections for the first time,  in 25 years. However, the nation seems to have had a rethink on its women’s law, and a top legislative body has now passed an amendment to the Women’s Rights and Interests Protection Law.

China updates gender law

Going by the report, a statement that has been uploaded on China’s National People’s Congress’ website says a revised law is to be adopted from year 2023. As per the revised legislation, the Chinese government will take all steps necessary to do away with all kinds of discrimination against women.

Further, as per the updated legislation, it has been made clear that the law would prohibit restricting the promotion of female employees due to marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave and other circumstances at the workplace. The law calls upon the lower level governments to report suspected abduction or trafficking of women to the police in a timely manner, it added.

What is welcome is that the amendment of the law holds aloft the decision to boost the protection of women’s rights. It has been reported that the amendment comes on the basis of in-depth research in the matter, and looks to halt any hassle in finding resolutions to problems the field of women’s rights face.

A step in the right direction

The new updated law also calls for support to women so as to help them better balance childbearing and work. Besides this, sexual harassment and workplace discrimination will also be seen as issues that would need legislative intervention so as to see women are always supported, empowered and protected.

The gender equality measures being taken up in due seriousness by the Chinese administration is indeed a welcome move. Women power getting its due finally the world over is to be seen a leap in the right direction.

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