January 19th: World Quark Day – Significance and Celebrations

World Quark Day promotes the superfood ‘Quark’, which is healthy as well as tasty. Read ahead to find out what it is. 

Many of you must be wondering what Quark is. Let me tell you that it is fascinating, so read on. Quark is a European superfood, yes, you read that right, it is something that you can eat. Quark is a delicious low-fat and high protein alternative to soft cheese and yogurt which can be used for cooking, baking or blending. Quark is supposedly claiming the shelves of supermarkets across the world. To celebrate this superfood and its benefits, 19th January is known as World Quark Day.

History and Significance

Quark traces back to the 14th century which was popular throughout Europe. The Queen of Quark, a German-born author and advocate for quark and healthy eating, launched this day in 2019. The first year of celebration in 2019, the Queen of Quark teamed up with a local New York Farm, Hawthorne Valley Farm at the GrowNYC Greenmarket in New York’s Union Square. She gave away quark recipes and copies of her new book, ‘The Ultimate Quark Guide and Cookbook’

January 19th: World Quark Day - Significance and Celebrations - Digpu

Quark can be used as a substitute for almost any dairy in sweet or savoury, hot or cold. Replace cream cheese or sour cream with quark and just see the lovely results. From centuries, millions of Europeans have been using quark. 


Try new recipes integrating it into your breakfast, lunch or dinner. By using quark in smoothies, cheesecakes, dips and spreads, you will enter the world of healthy eating. Quark also has various health benefits that might help you become fit and achieve your fitness goals for the year sooner than expected. 

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