After Nvidia, hacker group preys on Samsung data repository

Hacker group LAPSUS$ has targeted Samsung after breaching Nvidia systems

Digital spaces are turning out to be extremely vulnerable to hack attacks. A few weeks ago chip manufacturer Nvidia was subject to a nasty attack by a hacker group calling themselves LAPSUS$. Even as investigations are on, Korean smart devices behemoth Samsung has fallen prey.

The company has much to worry about as LAPSUS$ has reportedly looted Samsung of its data repository. It is being said that the same group that breached into Nvidia a few weeks ago has sneaked into Samsung’s data banks and stolen a confidential source code.

Data close to 190GB, including details on the technology owned by Samsung, boot loaders for the latest Samsung products and more have been reportedly stolen by the hacker group. Though Samsung has hastily revealed to the world that the hacker attack on its systems has not affected its business or its customers, it needs to be believed that the attack isn’t something that could be ignored.

Samsung source codes breached

Media reports quoting Samsung spokespersons have informed the tech world that no personal data breach has happened. Samsung however has admitted that the leaked information includes some source codes necessary to run the Galaxy phones.

It is being revealed that an alert on a possible hacker attack from the group termed LAPSUS$ had been given the attention it needed and Samsung had immediately added extra security levels around its systems. That in fact comes as a relief, as Samsung cybersecurity warriors were able to curtail the attackers’ efforts to breach the systems and block them from creeping in.

However, Nvidia wasn’t very fortunate to stem the attempt by the hacker group. The LAPSUS$ group has made it public that they have been able to catch hold of 1TB of data from Nvidia. The worrying factor is that this data that has fallen into wrong hands, include confidential driver codes too.

Hacker group causes much worry for Nvidia

Adding to the troubles that Nvidia has been pushed into, the hacker group has demanded ransom in cryptocurrency, and they have also warned that they would make the company’s documents public if the demand was not met. Nvidia is now pursuing the unfortunate event by entrusting law enforcement agencies to investing the issue.

Companies have been treading a dangerous line with cybersecurity issues piling up on digital spaces. It remains to be seen how the technology horizon would now wake up to the issue and combat such nasty attacks.

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