A moment worth an applause; Women cricketers set glowing example off the field

Bismah Mahroof’s baby Fatima unites India-Pakistan as she has Indian women cricketers for company

In an era where people bring in differences in political ideology and faith even in matters of sports and love for sporting events, there emerges unique stories of camaraderie one in a while. India has seen many a row when citizens, who love sports, cheer for a rival country. That, more often than not, come due to the love for sport and adoration for good sporting contests.

We had seen much controversy and critical situations where Pakistan cricketers are applauded when they play better matches. Real love for sports often transcends boundaries, and it may not always stay within the pre-decided norm of only applauding country men and spewing venom on rival teams.  The real cricket fan is someone who applauds the best team and the efforts the players put in to win matches.

Such situations might call for applause for a rival team. But in current day India, cheering for Pakistan is a big no. Even if the team from beyond the border does extraordinary feats on the ground, that is! Sadly, faith and politics take over the true love for the game.

When a team strives hard on the field and displays better gaming spirit and contest, there needs to be no harm in applauding them. That is what defines the spirit of sportsmanship.

Indian women cricketers deserve applause

The women’s cricket team from India recently displayed such awesome spirit of sportsmanship and that is what every fan should also emulate. It all happened amidst the 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup, which began over the weekend. The Indian Women’s Cricket team, led by Mithali Raj, played against arch-rival Pakistan and beat them to move into the next match against New Zealand. The match win against Pakistan has been celebrated by ardent fans of the game.

That, however, was not the only moment of celebration. On Sunday, soon after the match, Indian team members found themselves some fun time when Pakistan captain Bismah Maroof’s baby Fatima came on to the stadium. The Indian team rushed to the infant and spent some exciting moments with the little one.

Bismah Mahroof’s baby brings India, Pakistan together

It was a moment where rivalry was hit out of the ground for a six. With baby Fatima winning hearts, the Indian and Pakistani players merged into one. There was not even a hint of rivalry between them, as had been seen when they were immersed in the game a while earlier.

Indian and Pakistan women’s team members got together to play with the child and to click selfies with baby Fatima. Love defeats every rivalry and it should indeed.  A Twitter post shared by ICC summed up the moment. The caption read thus: Little Fatima’s first lesson in the spirit of cricket from India and Pakistan. The picture, of course, tells a story. A story that no Indian or Pakistani cricket fan would want to ignore.

And as cricketing great Sachin Tendulkar added, “What a lovely moment! Cricket has boundaries on the field, but it breaks them all off the field. Sport unites!”

It would be great to see all fans of cricket hold aloft such camaraderie and love. It’s high time that we stop lending ear to trouble-makers who put faith and the nation’s boundaries on top of everything.

Sanjeev Ramachandran

A journalist with 23 years of experience, Sanjeev has worked with reputed media houses such as Business Standard, The Ne More »
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