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Elon Musk shows the world how SpaceX’s Mars station would be like

Aim to build SpaceX space station on Mars taken further ahead, Elon Musk reveals animation video

SpaceX and Tesla boss Elon Musk is making it to headline space yet again with a new announcement that has the potential to make heads turn. This time around, Musk has hit the social media arena with an animation video that has a Starship spacecraft along with a super-heavy rocket supposedly lined up for a future journey to Mars!

Hopping on to his official Twitter handle, Elon Musk showcased the animation video of about five minutes of playtime. The vide shows a huge SpaceX launch station equipped with a gigantic-looking Starship. The video has been made fascinating with the addition of high quality visuals and impressive music. It displays the journey of the Starship, right from taking off from Earth and its landing on the surface of Mars.  On landing on Mars, the astronauts are shown looking out from a spaceship at the lit-up Mars base.

SpaceX plans Starship deployment on Mars

Musk’s intentions are crystal clear from the animation video. It may be recalled that the SpaceX CEO had earlier made his ambitions on developing the Starship for deployment on Mars very clear. And, not just that, he is aiming at putting the first human on Mars by 2024!

Going by the plans at SpaceX, the company is likely in the works with what could be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle. It is expected to come with the capability to carry more than 100 metric tonnes to Earth orbit. SpaceX wants to get a million tons to the surface of Mars, and create a self-sustaining city.

Animation video is impressive

The most ambitious project on this terrain, the Starship rocket system is being anticipated as a game changer in space exploration terrain.  The whole world is waiting to see how Musk intends to send SpaceX’s first spacecraft to Mars.

The latest animation video brings to the fore the ambitious plans that Elon Musk has been charting out. What the world would now look to see is how his plans work out. Wil they indeed work out well, is a question everyone out here will be looking to get an answer to. Going by Elon Musk’s intentions and perseverance, he would want to show the world that the plans would indeed work. Let’s wait and watch.

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