ClinicSpots’ AI-based Q&A platform assists medical queries with empathy

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January 23, 2019, Mumbai, India–

Many economies today have been able to provide a formidable heath care system in multitude. In India we are yet to provide a well-established and reliable healthcare system, the one that empowers patients technologically. ‘The Internet of health’ has the potential to catapult this ailing healthcare system into an integrated, efficient and patient centric one.

One such Mumbai based healthcare startup venture, ClinicSpots is all set to capitalize on current digitization trends and recent technology of AI.  ClinicSpots is a medical Q & A platform focused on medical tourism. The website interface is fortified with a dynamic AI enabled elastic search feature that promises an intuitive experience for patients.

At ClinicSpots, visitors can seek responses to their medical queries and stay assured of arriving at the best suitable treatment options available viz. Doctor wise, Treatment wise and Hospital wise.  Since the Internet has become a reliable source of daily knowledge, the question is do we trust it when it comes to medical information? Today about 65.2% people use internet to seek medical information. According to Pankaj Srivastava, CEO of ClinicSpots, “healthcare is more than just a business. Being a medical portal a bigger responsibility lies on our shoulder, to provide health information as accurate as possible through our Q & A.  Platform where queries are answered only by medical experts and practitioners, ensuring trustworthy information“

ClinicSpots’ AI-based Q&A platform assists medical queries with empathy
Mr. Pankaj Srivastava, founder & CEO, ClinicSpots

Therefore, ClinicSpots is implementing Natural Language Processing –NLP feature into its Q & A. platform enabling fast and more accurate responses and most importantly to handle volumes of queries within minutes. The NLP is a segment of Artificial Intelligence that processes human language for better understanding.

NLP application comes to aid at this juncture by identifying the queries and putting forth the most suitable responses to the query.

The NLP algorithm implemented by ClinicSpots will be able to segregate the query and match it to a relevant forum thread. That way the patient can also find answers to similar cases. This will indeed reduce the panic among the patients to an extent.

Technological innovations like AI and machine learning has brought about an upward swing in the segment of healthcare. With a lot of private player’s in healthcare and promising startups that have emerged over a decade, have certainly triggered the growth of healthcare industry in India, which is expected to reach INR 19,56,920 crore (US$ 280 billion) by end of 2020. Medical tourism sector in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 200% by 2021, hitting $9 billion by end of 2020.

Thus, matching strides with these vertical trends, medical tourism is another segment that ClinicSpots caters to. It has also progressed due to NLP. Thanks to the Q & Ans. platform medical tourists can come well prepared to India for complex cases. They can get complete assistance for consultation, review of reports and cost estimates from the network of hospitals. In case the forum is unable to provide a satisfactory answer, then patients can connect to panel of expert doctors who then guide them to adopt the most suitable treatment and even through video conferencing on prior request.

Thus, with the help of intuitive Q & A platform that strives to reassure the visitors,  along with a panel of distinguished doctors who offer virtual consultation on request, ClinicSpots has served approximately over 4 Lac medical tourists and has been able to achieve the mark of serving 50 patients in a month. Most of the inquiries are related to cancer treatment from SAARC countries, CIS countries like Uzbekistan, Armenia and others. Middle East and immediate neighbors such Nepal, and Afghanistan.

Incidentally, ClinicSpots has ties will nearly 25+ JCI and NABH accredited hospitals pan India offering cancer treatment on par with that offered across the globe. There are innumerable cases that have been treated successfully at the best cancer hospital in India, providing cost savings along with quality care. The medical savings can start from 65% and go up to 87% in India, making it the favored destination for medical tourists.Pankaj lastly adds, “By offering an AI –NLP integrated Q & A medical platform, we stand committed to heal people across borders. Our motive is to pull patients out of the information chaos and strengthen digital health literacy.”

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