Let’s triple on a 2-wheeler to thank the govt for the free vaccines

If you thought you are paying more for your 2-wheeler petrol, you are thoroughly mistaken. You are actually thanking the govt for the free vaccines you got.

Fuel prices are on an uptrend, with the government not willing to put a halt in the manner in which it is hiking the prices of petrol, diesel, and LPG. It is like prices are going up almost every passing day. The common man has been put under much pressure, but who cares!

Three statements by three men who are members of the largest party in power at the Centre deserve to be looked at again from the perspective of rising fuel prices. Three leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and top ones no less, had come out with statements in recent days. You, like me, would agree that these leaders, responsible ones indeed, had insulted public conscience with their statements.

Let’s take a look at the three statements that would spur you to laugh, giggle or even yell out to the mighty heavens:

Statement 1:  Fuel price, 3 riders and a bike

This one was made by Assam’s BJP President Bhabesh Kalita. At an event in Taulpur a few days ago, he had gone on record saying that the government of Assam will allow tripling on 2-wheelers once petrol touches Rs. 200 per litre mark.

He went on to say that when the petrol price reaches Rs 200, the government’s permission may be sought to allow three people on a bike. He suggested that manufacturers of two-wheelers shall then be urged to make “three-seater two-wheeler vehicles”.

Statement 2: A majority of people don’t need petrol

Don’t start laughing yet. Come to the second statement made by none other than Uttar Pradesh Minister of State Upendra Tiwari. He stated that 95 per cent of the people do not need petrol as there are only some people who are using four-wheelers.  

This is what he said: “As for petrol and diesel prices, there are now a handful of people who use four-wheelers and need petrol. Currently, 95 per cent people in the society do not need petrol.”

Statement 3: Vaccine fuel, silly!

In case you aren’t convinced, take a look at what another top guy in government has said with utmost confidence. The name of this very important person in the Union Government is Rameswar Teli, who is actually Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas – no less!

As per his belief and blurting out, fuel prices are not actually going up. The high price as it appears to be is because of the tax levied. And, when the government provides free vaccines, it needs money. And for that money, the government has resorted to levying tax on fuel. That’s where the money comes from. Wow!

And you thought the government was giving you vaccines and medicines and carefree of cost. Stupid, illiterate citizen!

Fuel price or entertainment tax?

Mores such statements from the more top guys could be in pipeline. And yet, you and I would laugh and guffaw at these statements, and yet pay more every single day at petrol and diesel stations. Pay up, yes, we will. And then we will all take relief in the fact that the men in government are also entertaining us big time.

I’m looking forward to the day when the Yamahas, Bajaj’s, Hondas and TVs would announce their brand-new line up of “three-seater two-wheeler vehicles”.  That is in case I become one among the 5 per cent who actually would need petrol or diesel then.

My heart also goes out to the hapless traffic cops of the near future who will have to let go of “2-wheeler triple-riders” who until now have been caught, slapped and penalised for breaking the law.

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